Dr Oz Soup Investigation: How To Find Healthy Low-Sodium Soup


Dr Oz: What’s Really In The Soup You’re Eating?

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of warm, comforting soup? If you know what to look for, soup can make for a great nutritious meal. But what’s really in the soup you’re buying? Dr Oz set out to find out in his latest Food Truth Investigation.

Soup is delicious and versatile, and is the original one pot meal. Whether you enjoy your soup sweet or savory, hot or cold, soup has always been known as both economical and nutritious. Because soup ingredients like vegetables and herbs are cooked in their own juices, it increases the potency of vitamins and minerals, all while providing your body with fluid. All that combined makes soup a superfood. Soups can even help the body detox.


Dr Oz: Undercover Soup Investigation

Now, many soups have “gone gourmet” with trendy versions showing up at specialty shops offering hot soup stations, grab and go soups, frozen soups, canned soups, dehydrated soups, and more. But what cost are we paying for convenience? What’s really going into those take-out soups we all know and love?

Dr Oz conducted an undercover investigation to find out. He sent his med team to collect samples of soup before sending them off to a lab to be tested. Are you ready to find out what was in those soups?


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