Dr Oz Snacks: Lucy’s Cookies, Green Tea Ice Cream & Taro Chips Reviews


Dr Oz: Fat-urday Cheat Snacks

Dr Oz’s show highlighted ways to cheat on your diet and still lose weight. After explaining a Fat-urday Meal Plan, he turned his attention to sweets and snacks you can indulge in as healthy alternatives, to feed your cravings without getting all the bad stuff or trigger foods. Check out his advice about Lucy’s Cookies, Taro Chips, Green Tea Ice Cream and more.

Audience member Danielle admitted that her favorite snack is potato chips. But it’s totally OK because she stops after eating one bag. (Hopefully this is a snack size bag, and not the family size.)


Dr Oz: Taro Chips Review

Lucy's Cookies Review: Dr Oz Snack Cheats

Dr Oz's Fat-urday show featured favorite snack cheats, including Lucy's Cookies, Green Tea Ice Cream, Taro Chips and frozen whipped topping.

Dr Oz suggested that Danielle try a healthier option, Taro Chips. These are a guilt-free option that sell in grocery stores for approximately $5. Danielle sampled the chips and said she could live with them, which is not the most ringing endorsement.

Dark Chocolate With Chili Peppers

Laurie was next up, and she said that she can’t ever get enough chocolate. Dr Oz agreed that this is a big temptation for him (I can’t picture Dr Oz jonesing for a cocoa fix).


But there’s a healthier way to get your chocolate. Dr Oz said you can try to find Dark Chocolate with Chili Peppers. That way, you’re getting antioxidants from the chocolate as well as a metabolism boost from the peppers.

Laurie sampled a chocolate bar and reported that it was creamy. Dr Oz explained that the peppers also fire up those taste buds so you enjoy the flavors more.

Dr Oz: Lucy’s Cookies Review

Audience member Lynn told Dr Oz she loves cookies (I know exactly what she means). She is apparently after my own heart, because her favorite is Oatmeal Raisin, just like mine.

Dr Oz had a solution for cookie lovers, too. Lucy’s Cookies come in a variety of flavors, and a serving of three cookies has just 130 calories. They are available online or in health food stores.

Dr Oz: Green Tea Ice Cream

Last up was Rebecca, whose favorite sweet treat is Ice Cream. She said she eats it every night, though she is trying to cut back. She even enjoys it with a slice of cake sometimes.

To help Rebecca get her snack on, Dr Oz suggested switching to Green Tea Ice Cream, which can boost metabolism and can be found in stores for around $5.

Dr Oz: Frozen Whipped Topping Cheat

If you really want to kick the Ice Cream habit, Dr Oz recommended fat free, all natural whipped topping. You can throw it in the freezer and then enjoy it just like Ice Cream, with only about half the calories.


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