Dr Oz: Sleep Naked Weight Loss & Healthy Carbs Vs Low Impact Carbs


Dr Oz: Sleep Naked Weight Loss

For years, we have been hearing that the keys to weight loss are simple: diet and exercise would help even out the equation of calories consumed to calories burned. But Dr Natasha Turner said it’s more complicated than that, and she discussed how to reset your hormones with Dr Oz. It starts with the foods you are eating, but it also extends to how you make your coffee and what you wear to bed. Find out how her sleep naked weight loss plan works and get more hormone advice.

Dr Oz: Sleep Naked Weight Loss Plan

What do you typically wear when you get into bed each night? Dr Turner explained her Sleep Naked weight loss plan, which says that if you sleep nude, you can lose weight by helping the body cool itself down.


Dr Oz: Sleep Naked Weight Loss

Dr Oz talked about the sleep naked weight loss plan that can help you burn fat overnight & the difference between healthy carbs vs low impact carbs.

That allows hormones to be released that will rebuild cells in your bones, skin and muscles as you sleep, promoting weight loss along with pleasant dreams. On the other hand, constricting pajamas or heavy weighted blankets can keep you from cooling down, meaning those hormones aren’t released as they should be.

Dr Oz: Artificial Sweeteners Insulin Warning

Earlier, Dr Turner shared some ideas for eating curry leaves and hemp seeds. But are there things you’re eating that you should avoid in the interest of your health? Dr Oz and Dr Turner outlined some everyday items that could be working against your hormones.


Artificial Sweeteners are on almost every restaurant table in America, but did you know they actually raise your insulin? If you are worried about body fat, cutting out artificial sweeteners might be a good idea, because they can also cause cravings in the long run.

Dr Oz: Healthy Carbs Vs Low Impact Carbs

There has been a lot of discussion lately about healthy carbs and why they can be an integral part of your diet. But Dr Turner said that some people have metabolic or hormonal needs that mean carbs are actually working against their weight loss.

She said that for some people, sweet potatoes or brown rice can have the same negative effects as ice cream. You have to pay attention to your own body and observe how it reacts to the foods you eat. If you are always feeling cravings and your hunger is never satisfied, you might need to try removing healthy carbs from your diet for awhile.

Dr Oz Low Impact Carbs List

Instead, you can always try low impact carbs, which generally do not spike the insulin, which is important for people with a sensitivity to carbohydrates. Here are some ideas that are safe to eat.

  • Beets
  • Carrots
  • Ezekiel
  • Quinoa
  • Rye
  • Squash



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