Dr Oz: “Down Size” + Stop Yo-Yo Dieting & Late Night Snacking Trick


Dr Oz: Pear-Shaped Man “Down Size” Review

Dr. Oz said he wanted everyone to meet the self-proclaimed “pear-shaped man,” saying that he’s watched him over the years go from 230 pounds down to 190 then back up to 230 over and over for fifteen years. Now, at a healthy weight, Ted Spiker, author of Down Size, was on the show to share his advice for putting an end to yo-yo dieting.

Ted explained that not storing weight in the abdomen like most men, caused him to feel a lot of frustration, angst, and a lot of body issues. He said his problem started early, sharing that he got a D in 6th grade gym class and his college roommates called him Hoover because he ate so quickly. He had trouble finding clothes and he once had a doctor ask him if he got embarrassed on the beach because of his femininely shaped hips and chest.


Dr Oz: "Down Size" + Stop Yo-Yo Dieting & Late Night Snacking Trick

Dr. Oz welcomed to his show the so called “pear-shaped man” to explain how you can finally stop yo-yo dieting and lose the weight you’ve been trying to for so long. (Lesya Dolyuk / Shutterstock.com)

He said he has a personal perspective on the issue, but has also researched it and written about it. Ted said that besides chocolate and cheese dip, people yo-yo diet because for one, we are afraid to fail, and two, we get derailed when progress stops. He said a lot of people will throw their entire diet out the window after one little mistake.

Dr Oz: Surrender The Scale

A woman in Dr. Oz’s audience named Sharee shared that over the past five years, she’s been on a roller-coaster with her weight and she said her thing is that she steps on the scale a lot. Ted said one of his biggest strategies was to surrender the scale. He said sometimes when you’ve been working really hard and eating really well, the scale won’t reflect that. He said we should instead take objective data that you control, like tracking how much water you drink, the steps you take, or the number of exercises. He said the second piece of data is subjective data, which is how you feel. He said the subjective and objective data should be balanced.


Dr Oz: “If, Then” Statements To Deal With Temptations

Another woman named Margaret shared that over the past five years she’s lost and gained the same 50 pounds and has been fighting “co-worker sabotage.” Ted explained that he likes to use the “if, then” statement, which is a way to allow us to deal with temptations. He said Margaret should take her weak spot and create an if-then statement for it. Ted shared that his weak spot is Mexican food, and now he said “if we’re going out for Mexican food, then I grow a grilled chicken salad with salsa.”

Dr Oz: Late Night Snacking Trick

A woman named Melissa shared that she’s an avid late night snacker and she tends to overeat. Ted said it’s a common problem, but what we’re looking for is the cracker-jack approach, where we look for a treat inside what we’re eating. He said he likes to take a bowl of berries and then inside the berries there are a few pieces of dark chocolate. He said he loves to mix frozen with fresh because frozen slows you down, and feels more like a treat. What a great idea!

Dr Oz: Squat Row Exercise

Dr. Oz then shared one simple move that can jump start your exercise routine, and transform you. David Buer, a celebrity trainer, said the move of the day was called the squat row. To perform the squat-row, you should start with your feet shoulder-width apart, and then lower down into a squatting position, holding your arms straight out in front of you. Briefly pause at the bottom, and then stand back up, pulling your elbows back and squeezing your shoulder blade together.

David said this exercise strengthens the muscles of your backside as well as your core, and improves your posture. He said the exercise allows you to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. Even better, you can do it while watching TV.


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