Dr Oz: Should You Take A Daily Probiotic? Probiotic Benefits


Dr Oz: What Are The Benefits To Taking Probiotics

Dr Oz conducted his 21 Day Experiment to see just how much you can¬†change your body in just three weeks. He heard from Gabrielle Bernstein about giving up sugar, then turned to Rhenotha to find out more about probiotics. As stated by cartoon Rhenotha, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard people talking about probiotics, both the foods and the supplements. But what about you? She shared three pros to adding probiotics to your diet:

  1. Probiotics in Greek yogurt may improve your relationship with lactose
  2. Probiotics can help deflate your bloated stomach
  3. Probiotics may also help treat gut problems like irritable bowel syndrome as well as some diarrhea and gas.



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