Dr Oz: Shred Diet Calorie Roller Coaster, Eating Detox & Meal Spacing


Dr Oz: Shred Diet Meals

Dr Oz invited Dr Ian Smith to explain the concept of Diet Confusion from his book, Shred: The Revolutionary Diet Program. Diet Confusion is one of the techniques dieters use on the plan to avoid the plateau trap found in many other programs. Other tactics include meal spacing and Dr Smith’s Eating Detox.

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Meal Spacing

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Calorie Roller Coaster, Eating Detox & Meal Spacing

Dr Oz and Dr Ian Smith reviewed tools of the Shred diet, including meal spacing, the calorie roller coaster, and eating detox. They also defined a cycle diet.


Dr Ian Smith said that Shred: The Revolutionary Diet can help anyone lose four inches and two sizes in only six weeks. He told Dr Oz that the program uses Meal Spacing as one of its secret weapons.

That means eating four meals and two snacks throughout the day, with three to four hours in between them. Not only will this keep you full, it will also evenly distribute your body’s calorie intake through the entire day.

Doctor Oz said that this can be crucial for managing insulin and sugar levels. Spikes or dips in insulin lead to the Fat Danger Zone, and Dr Oz said insulin regulation is important when you are attempting to lose weight.


Dr Oz: Calorie Roller Coaster

Dr Smith also talked about the Calorie Roller Coaster, which he said is used to keep your metabolism going so you can lose inches and pounds on the Shred diet plan. The program begins with high calories, and the number is gradually lowered.

Halfway through the program, you should see your body transformed, and then the calories start to climb once again. That helps your body avoid a plateau and fuels the metabolism for long term success.

Dr Oz: Shred Diet Eating Detox

If you have tried different diets, you probably know that a lot of them begin with a detox. But Dr Smith’s program has an Eating Detox planned for one of the later stages. According to Smith, dieters find a detox intimidating when they are starting a diet.

That’s why his plan eases them into things by putting a detox near the end. Even better is the fact that you still get to enjoy your meals and snacks while doing the detox.

Dr Ian Smith: Shred Diet Detox

Here is what dieters can expect from Dr Smith’s Shred Diet Detox.

Also, you should drink a glass of water with Lemon and Flaxseed Oil, or you can choose to add flaxseeds to a favorite muffin recipe.

Dr Oz: What Is A Cycle Diet?

Dr Oz talked with Dr Smith about the fact that Shred is a cycle diet. What is a cycle diet? It is a program that can be customized to meet your goals. If you didn’t get where you wanted to be in the first six weeks, you can start again and do the weeks of the plan in a different order.

If you did meet your goal in the first six weeks, Dr Smith recommended an easy maintenance plan. Every four weeks, pick any week from the diet plan and go through it again. When you have kept your weight off for six months, try doing a maintenance week once every two months.

Finally, he compared dieting to car maintenance, because everyone needs a tune up now and then. Dr Ian Smith’s advice was to avoid waiting for a breakdown before you take care of your body’s needs.


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