Dr Oz: Sherri Shepherd 3-Step Weight Loss Plan & Diabetes Health Scare


Dr Oz: Sherri Shepherd Emotional Eating Spirals Out Of Control

Comedian Sherri Shepherd has always been one to joke about most topics but after a recent health scare with diabetes, her outlook on life and the way she eats changed. She admits she used to be an emotional eater, always reaching for food when she was happy or sad, mad or excited, to the point that her weight and health spiraled out of control. She said when her doctor told her she was pre-diabetic she heard ‘You don’t have diabetes’ and kept on eating.

Sherri Shepherd’s Uses Humor, Diet To Battle Diabetes

Sherri Shepherd said she was scared to death when she was recently diagnosed with having diabetes because her mother passed away from diabetic complications when she was only 41-years-old. In her book, Plan D, Shepherd discusses how humor and food helped her get through many struggles in her life, including being diagnosed with diabetes.


Dr Oz: Sherri Shepherd 3-Step Weight Loss Plan & Diabetes Health Scare

Dr. Oz talked with Sherri Shepherd about her diabetes health scare, what pushed her to finally start eating healthy and she shared her 3-step weight loss plan.
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Sherri Shepherd: Diabetes Health Scare

Sherri Shepherd, through tears, told Dr. Oz the turning point for her happened when she realized her son could lose his mother if she did not make a change. She did not want to leave her child like her mother left her when she was younger. She told Dr. Oz she knew she needed to take control of her life and not allow her diabetes to control her life.

Sherri Shepherd 3-Step Weight Loss Plan

Sherri Shepherd said she is not the kind of person to go to the gym for a workout, which meant she needed to find another way to get healthy that fit into lifestyle. Shepherd told Dr. Oz she went on a long journey to figure out a diet plan that worked for her. All of the diets she tried did not work so she came up with her own 3-step weight loss plan.

  • Watch Your Sugars –Shepherd said she loves pasta. If she decided to have a bowl of pasta she makes sure to combine it with some lean protein and a salad to slow down the spike in her blood sugar.
  • Renovate your relationship with food
  • Exercise not optional – While Shepherd said she hates to exercise, she said you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. You can just work out at the house or turn on the radio and start dancing.

Sherri Shepherd Weight Loss Secrets

Sherri Shepherd shared some of her weight loss secrets that will help you lose wight even if you live a busy life like she does.

Make Breakfast At Night – Shepherd said she makes her oatmeal at night and then takes frozen fruits out of the freezer to thaw overnight. Then in the morning all she has to do is heat up the oatmeal and add her thawed fruits.

Focus On Eating Often – Shepherd said the key to avoid overeating is to carry snacks with you everywhere. She always makes sure to carry an apple or a banana or some almonds in her purse to avoid binging on something unhealthy.

Commit To Trying One New Food Every Week –Shepherd doesn’t believe you should have to give up all your favorite foods just because you are on a diet. She suggested trying one new healthy food every single week to help you discover new foods you can call your favorites.

Dr Oz: Anatomy IQ Test

Which body part never stops growing? – Your nose
The surface area of a human lung is equal to what? – The surface of a tennis court.


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