Dr Oz: Sheila Haines & Stephanie Lewis Vance Weight Loss Diet Tips


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Finale

Are you looking for motivation to stick with your health and nutrition goals all summer long? Dr Oz had successful viewers from around the country share their no nonsense Diet Tips on his Transformation Nation Million Dollar You finale. They all followed Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation 7 Step Plan, and 10 top success stories made the cut for a chance at the $1 million grand prize. After hearing Diet Tips & Success Stories from the first three finalists, Dr Oz got advice from Stephanie Lewis Vance and Sheila Haines.

Dr Oz: Sheila Haines & Stephanie Lewis Vance Weight Loss Diet Tips

Dr Oz's Transformation Nation Million Dollar You finalists like Sheila Haines & Stephanie Lewis Vance shared more of their diet tips & success stories, including personal motivations.


Dr Oz: Stephanie Lewis Vance

Stephanie was following an example set by her parents. She was 100 pounds overweight, and she knew of her father’s medical history, which included Kidney Failure and Heart Disease. That’s why she was inspired to include her parents in her Transformation Nation journey. Sadly, she lost her father after three months on the program. But that made her even more passionate about helping others change their lives.

Patricia, Stephanie’s mother, told everyone how proud and excited she is for her daughter and everything she has already achieved.

Dr Oz: Sheila Haines

Sheila Haines never felt like she truly fit in with her athletic family. Just six months ago, she weighed more than 200 pounds and felt miserable about her body. But when she learned about Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation, she jumped at the chance, signing up at her local Weight Watchers chapter. These days, she loves swimming and bike riding. Her successes have inspired her to start training for a triathlon.


Sheila’s Diet Tips: Don’t be afraid to try. You’ll surprise yourself with the results, and those successes can help you push through the hard times.

Dr Oz: Seatbelt Extender Motivation

From the audience, a woman named Cali admitted that she stole a seatbelt extender from an airplane. Why would you do that? Because it helps remind her of how far she has come and keep her motivated to avoid backsliding.

Cali said that before she started the diet plan, she couldn’t fit an airplane seatbelt around her waist. The embarrassment of having a flight attendant yell across the plane for a seatbelt extender helped her decide to change her life.

Now she has lost 91 pounds, and she has no trouble buckling a seatbelt. Dr Oz was so impressed with Cali’s success story that he rewarded her with a surprise trip to the Bahamas.


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