Dr Oz: Schizandra Berry Supplements: Chris Kilham’s Anti-Aging Pill


Dr Oz: Schizandra Berry Supplement

If you are looking for a way to turn back the clock on your aging skin, it’s here. Doctor Oz’s Medicine Hunter, Chris Kilham, returned to the show with his latest miracle cure discovery, the Schizandra Berry

According to Chris Kilham, this magic pill not only helps you feel better and look younger, it also improves your memory skills. That sounds like a pretty good package deal to me.


Dr Oz: Schizandra Berries

Could the Schizandra Berry be the key to better memory skills and younger looking skin?

Dr Oz: Schizandra Berry Benefits

Chris Kilham told Doctor Oz that this berry comes in multiple forms, and actually lowers the levels of stress hormones in your blood. Janice from the audience tried the berry and made a face, but tried to be polite about how gross she clearly thought it was.

Gracious host Dr Oz did say the berries were “slightly sour,” and then he spit them out. At least Janice kept the food in her mouth.


Then Chris explained that the flavor combines a variety of sweet, salty, and sour flavors together. That’s one reason he said you’re not supposed to pop them in your mouth as a snack, like blueberries. Instead, they are intended for medicinal purposes.

Doctor Oz: Schizandra Berry Pills

This Schizandra Berry, like many berries and Dr Oz Superfoods, is an antioxidant, and it slows the skin’s natural aging process, helping you look younger longer. It also has anti-inflammatory benefits to help your body eliminate toxins.

The best way to consume Schizandra Berries, says Chris Kilham, is by mixing them in juice form. Dr Oz and Janice were not convinced after their taste test, so Chris said maybe they’d like it better in apple juice. Probably not, if Doctor Oz can’t even pretend he likes it.

Dr Oz: Schizandra Berries for Energy

Janice did say she loves coffee and energy drinks because they give her a boost to get through the day. Dr Oz said coffee is OK, but he said you really have to watch the sugar levels in energy drinks.

Chris said Schizandra Berries present a natural alternative to caffeine, because they force your cells to produce extra energy. He called it a Gateway Herb, saying that people who see success with this supplement are tempted to try other herbs and learn their benefits as well.

Schizandra Berry Tea & Supplement Dosage

The traditions of Chinese medicine involve boiling the berry, but you can also try steeping it in tea for about five minutes. Dr Oz said that’s his favorite way to get this remedy. Chris said he hasn’t been fatigued at all since he started including Schizandra Berries in his diet.

Its other benefits include better memory skills, as well as easier thought formation and concentration. The recommended dosage is 500 mg per day in supplement form. Or you can try it in a juice using the liquid extract products that are available.


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