Dr Oz Satiereal Saffron Extract Appetite Suppressant Review


Dr Oz: Satiereal Saffron

Losing weight is hard enough because your metabolism slows with age. Dr Oz recommended Fat Burning Supplements, but there’s another problem that you could be struggling with in your weight loss battle. Are you always hungry? Do you need a way to break free from constant cravings? Check out what Dr Oz had to say about the miracle craving eraser, Satieral Saffron Extract.

Satiereal Saffron Review: Dr Oz

Trying to curb those junk food cravings? See what Dr Oz learned about Satiereal Saffron Extract.


Dr Oz: Saffron Appetite Suppressant

When you are busy and on the go as part of your frantic daily routine, it’s easy to reach for junk food, fast food, and quick meals to check eating off your to do list. But Dr Oz said stress can cause us not only to make unhealthy food choices, but also to eat too much.

Overeating can lead to low Serotonin levels, which in turn could eventually trigger Depression and Anxiety. Saffron Extract is derived from an exotic spice, and it’s a natural appetite suppressant that can counteract your out of control cravings.

Foods like carbohydrates make you crave them because they set off a pleasurable chemical sensation in the brain. But Saffron Extract triggers that same effect in the brain, without the negative consequences of chowing down on breadsticks or pizza. If you need a little help saying no to food, this could be the answer.


Dr Oz: Satiereal Saffron Extract Review

Dr Oz recommended a special blend called Satiereal Saffron Extract, suggesting a dose of about 90 mg, twice a day. He said a 30-day supply typically costs around $30.

Dr Oz: Satiereal Saffron Extract Weight Loss Results

Recently, Dr Oz asked two regular women, Martha and Devon, to give the supplement a shot for a few days. Do you remember how it worked for them?

Martha admitted that her overeating was tied to her emotions. But when she started taking the supplement, she found that her food cravings stopped. She got through a weekend, including a high stress family birthday party, where she said no to birthday cake. She lost three pounds in only three days.

Devon also had issues around emotional eating, and she called her Satiereal Saffron Extract results “tremendous.” She skipped the junk food, ate less, and lost 5 pounds in only three days.

Of course, Dr Oz stressed that it’s important to add supplements as part of a healthy nutrition & fitness plan.


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