Dr Oz Brownie Recipe: Dark Chocolate & Pumpkin by Rosie O’Donnell


Dr Oz: Rosie O’Donnell Diet

Earlier, comedian & TV personality Rosie O’Donnell told Doctor Oz she has recently lost 15 pounds in just two months. Now she is sharing her four rules for getting back in shape. If they worked for her, they could be worth learning about.

To see how Rosie is doing in changing her habits for the better, Dr Oz visited Rosie’s talk show studio to see what her environment is like. Backstage, she had easy access to a row of vending machines, and Rosie admitted that they do tempt her each day.


Dr Oz Pumpkin Brownies

Dr Oz spoke with Rosie about making Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Brownies.

Backstage, there is also plenty of junk food for the show’s crew to snack on. Most of it was junk food and empty calories, but a stagehand did point out a pitiful “healthy snacks” table featuring cereal, fruit, and almonds.

Dr Oz: Rosie’s Studio & Office

Since Rosie O’Donnell inherited Oprah’s old digs in Chicago, she also got access to the state of the art Harpo Studios gym that Oprah installed there. Unbelievably, Rosie said she works out at home instead.


In her office, Rosie said she does have fruit on hand as a way to avoid giving in to the junk food temptations all around her. Dr Oz said Rosie is doing a good job of training her brain to think thin. I can’t help but wonder how Rosie is doing now that her show is over and she’s left Chicago behind.

Doctor Oz: Rosie O’Donnell Weight Loss Diet Rules

Rosie shared the rules she has used to help get herself on track to healthy success. Here are the strategies she shared with Dr. Oz.

  • Go Green – Instead of her Yoo Hoo and Ring Dings breakfast (I love snacks too, but that sounds like it would give me a sugar coma), Rosie has switched her morning habit to something called a Green Vibrance Smoothie. Green Juice also goes great in orange juice, apparently.
  • 3 Plate Rule – Rosie has cereal for breakfast, salad for lunch, and fish with brown rice each night for dinner. She said it took some getting used to, but once she noticed how much better she was feeling, she decided it was worth it.
  • Snack Swaps – Rosie said that she’s still not perfect; girl, nobody is, and if they say they are, they’re probably lying about something. She has a weakness for homemade desserts and still loves potato chips. So she tries to keep those temptations out of sight in the house, instead reaching for apples and peanut butter, which are filling and healthy. She also likes Apple Chips and Hummus.
  • Exercise – Rosie’s partner Michelle is helping her have fun while exercising, by making workouts fun. They focus on sports they enjoy, like basketball, racquetball, and tennis. I’ve been meaning to join a kickball team, now that you mention it.

Rosie said her goal is to lose one pound per week for a whole year. That’ll add up to about 50 pounds, and she feels that is a doable goal she can feel good about. I wish her luck and hope she can keep up her momentum.

Dr Oz: Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Brownie Recipe

Dr Oz had a suggestion for Rosie, who loves homemade snacks. He told her that brownies could actually help curb her cravings. You can use dark chocolate in them, and swap in canned pumpkin instead of using oil. For bonus points, throw in strawberries as an antioxidant.


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