Dr Oz: Rooibos Tea & Weight Loss Worldwide Secrets


Dr Oz: Weight Loss Worldwide Secrets

Dr Oz devoted his show to talking about Slimming Secrets, including his Big Belly Diet, Big Butt Diet, and Robert Verdi Slimming Fashions. But he likes to consider other perspectives, and that’s what led him to look beyond our borders for weight loss worldwide secrets, such as Muesli, Pickled Food, and Rooibos Tea that are getting results from some of our neighbors around the globe.

The solutions shared in this segment came from three countries around the globe: Hungary, Switzerland, and South Africa. Find out which countries have the slimming secrets, and learn how you can make them your own at home in America.


Dr Oz Weight Loss Worldwide: Picked Foods

Dr Oz Weight Loss Worldwide: Rooibos Tea

Dr Oz's secrets of weight loss worldwide included the South African Rooibos Tea.

Hungarians love to add spices to hearty dishes such as stew and casserole. But they have another weight loss secret that has to do with how foods are prepared.

The answer is Pickled Foods, which have no calories and also fill you up. The only thing you have to watch out for with Pickled Foods is the sodium or salt content. Dr Oz suggested swapping out some of your favorite chips for two pickles.


If you do this for two snacks every week, you could lose three and a half pounds over the course of a year. It may not sound like a lot, but it starts to add up.

Dr Oz Weight Loss Worldwide: Muesli

Simple meals in Switzerland pay tribute to their neighbors, with the best of cuisines from Germany and France. But there’s another way they are keeping things simple that can really make a difference in your diet.

A popular breakfast in Switzerland is Muesli, which is a great substitute for Oatmeal. The taste is similar, and the whole grains are sure to fill you up with a hearty meal. It also manages your sugar cravings in the morning and at snack time.

Dr Oz said that if you replace a breakfast of Bacon and Eggs with Muesli, you will be on track to lose seven pounds in a year, just from this one simple swap.

Dr Oz Weight Loss Worldwide: Rooibos Weight Loss Tea

South Africa calls their food rainbow cuisine, because everything on the menu is so colorful. But their best weight loss secret is actually a drink.

Their contribution to Dr Oz’s worldwide weight loss is Rooibos Tea. This is so sweet on its own that you don’t need to add any sugar or artificial sweeteners. It has benefits for your immune system as well.

Dr Oz said that if you drink one cup of Rooibos Tea instead of coffee each day, you could lose seven and a half pounds over a year.


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