Dr Oz: Protein Power Snacks & Protein Powder Weight Loss Diet


Dr Oz: Protein Plan

Protein has many great health benefits, and Dr Oz shared some diet success stories of women who lost weight by increasing their protein. Learn how you can get a protein-packed breakfast or include more protein in your meals throughout the day. Could protein power snacks or Protein Powder help you unlock a healthier life?

Dr Oz: Protein-Packed Breakfast Pancakes

Dr Oz: Protein Power Snacks & Protein Powder Weight Loss Diet

Dr Oz talked with three women who used Protein as the building block to lose weight and make lasting healthy lifestyle changes to their routines. (Deymos.HR / Shutterstock.com)


Marie told Dr Oz that she is down 108 pounds and counting, after finally breaking a cycle of yo-yo dieting. What worked for her was replacing starches and sugars with Protein. She also gets her biggest Protein meal in the morning at breakfast, and Dr Oz noted that people who do this reduce their calorie consumption at lunch by 26%.

What does she eat for breakfast? Marie talked about Pancakes made from equal parts Eggs, Soy Flour, and Ricotta Cheese, plus a dash of sugar-free syrup. She said that she puts some apple slices in the microwave as a topping. This is about 30 grams of Protein at breakfast, and she tries to get at least four ounces of Protein at three meals each day.

Dr Oz: Protein Power Snacks

Carrie told Dr Oz that she lost 170 pounds by following a high-protein plan. When her mother got sick, Carrie was inspired to make healthy choices in her own life, so she started training at a gym. His first tip was that she should eat 100 grams of Protein each day.


She loves snacking on Hard-Boiled Eggs or eating lunch meat wraps of lettuce, turkey and pepperoni. She eats throughout the day, getting these snacks in between meals.

Dr Oz: Protein Powder Weight Loss Diet

Amanda shared her results with Dr Oz as well. She dropped from a size 22 to a size 4, losing 56 inches and 110 pounds! She said that Protein Powder is what helped her lose the weight.

As a nurse working 12-hour shifts, she had to methodically plan her meals. She starts the day with a smoothie consisting of Unsweetened Almond Milk, Chocolate Whey Protein Powder, 1/2 Banana, and Peanut Butter. Sometimes she enjoys more than one of these smoothies in a day.

Amanda told Dr Oz’s audience that anyone can lose weight with the right mindset. She recommended working with friends or family members to achieve health goals together.



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    I am sure you are aware of the GMO and recent approval of AGENT ORANGE contamination of our food supply. Could you lend your support to the requests and petitions on the internet asking FDA and others to stop supporting these practices? How do we the users know if the soy products we sometimes use for food or shakes are contaminated by GMO’s?
    We also could use information as to which foods in the grocery stores are GMO and which are not!!?

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