Dr Oz Protein Powder: Egg White Vs Brown Rice Vs Casein Protein Powder


Dr Oz: Which Protein Powder is Best?

Do the masculine names and slogans of protein powders turn you off? Dr Oz said that this nutritional aid is not just for men. Women can benefit from protein powder as well. Learn about Egg White Protein Powder, Brown Rice Protein Powder, and Casein Protein Powder

Dr Oz: Why Eat Protein Powder?

Are you confused about where to start with Protein Powder? You are not alone, and sometimes the choices can end up being overwhelming. Sarah said that she has plateaued and is hoping that protein will help her get back on track.


Dr Oz Protein Powder: Egg White Vs Brown Rice Vs Casein Protein Powder

Dr Oz said that protein powder is not just for men, and showed some types of protein powder for women: brown rice, egg white, and casein protein powder.

Doctor Oz said that more doctors are embracing protein powder, because it has high quality protein, it’s easy to take and low in calories. Protein helps slow and stabilize the digestive process, which sends a message to the brain to suppress your appetite, keeping you feeling “fuller for longer.”

Dr Oz: Egg White Protein Powder to Lose Weight & Boost Metabolism

Different protein powders work for different goals. Egg White Protein Powder is great for boosting the metabolism and spurring weight loss. It’s made from dried egg whites, but they get the taste out. It is easy for the body to absorb quickly, which is how it boosts the metabolism.


Dr Oz said you can mix it into iced green tea for a breakfast to jump start your day.

Dr Oz: Brown Rice Protein Powder Review

Do you need more energy for your health? Dr Oz spoke with Lisa, who said she feels like she is always running on empty. Finding the time and energy to exercise can be a struggle.

Brown Rice Protein Powder can be great, according to Oz, if you are interested in losing weight and getting more energy. It does contain some carbs, which are absorbed into the body and turn into energy, he said.

He recommended mixing a serving of Rice Protein Powder with coffee and milk to make a latte.

Dr Oz: Non-Dairy Casein Protein Powder Review

Selena said that she has tried changing to a low carb, high protein diet, and she is not getting results. Dr Oz advised against egg white omelets, but he said that Casein Protein Powder (not dairy-based Whey Protein) will help with weight loss as well as mood swings.

Try combining a serving of Casein Protein Powder with Hemp Milk for something that tastes like a milkshake.

Dr Oz: Protein Powder Guidelines

Here’s what to look for when buying protein powder:

  • 20 grams of Protein per serving
  • Minimal ingredients
  • Unflavored is best, according to Oz (or stick to Chocolate and Vanilla)

Dr Oz: How Many Times a Week Does the Average Woman Pass Gas?

Finally, Dr Oz shared some weird health numbers about average women. Do you think these numbers sound accurate?

  • How many times does the average woman visit the bathroom daily? 8
  • How many times a day do women think about intimacy? 10
  • How many times a week does the average woman pass gas? 98



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