Dr Oz: Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure, Hypertension + What Are CFUs?


Dr Oz: Probiotics Blood Pressure

Doctor Oz talked once again about Probiotics, and the news that they could help lower Blood Pressure. A new study suggests that Probiotics, “live organisms found in supplements and foods,” could help to manage High Blood Pressure.

Dr Oz: What Is High Blood Pressure?

Do you know what is normal and what is not?

  • Ideal Blood Pressure – 120/80
  • Pre-Hypertension – Above 120/80
  • Hypertension – Above 140/90

Dr Oz: How Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure

Dr Oz: Probiotics Lower Blood Pressure, Hypertension + What Are CFUs?

Dr Oz and Dr Neal Barnard discussed new research findings that Probiotics with at least 1 billion CFUs can help to lower blood pressure in patients. (Andrea Danti / Shutterstock.com)

How would Probiotics help? The Liver sends signals to the Kidney. The Kidney can tell your blood vessels to tighten, keeping Blood Pressure high. Probiotics can slow this process, preventing the signal from being sent.

But how can you put this knowledge to work for your health? Dr Oz brought in clinical researcher Dr Neal Barnard, who said the results show that “the effect of Probiotics on Blood Pressure is about as strong as a low-sodium diet.”


This could be an alternative to Blood Pressure medication (or it could help patients take such medicines less frequently). It can also be combined with lifestyle factors like diet and exercise.

Dr Oz: Probiotic Dose for Blood Pressure

Dr Barnard also said that those who have High Blood Pressure will see the most benefits, taking up to 10 points off their Blood Pressure. One key to success is to stick with Probiotics for a course of at least eight weeks.

According to research, taking Probiotics with multiple bacteria lowered blood pressure. Dr Oz asked whether food or pill forms were best; look for a product with 1 billion CFU or more. Dr Barnard said that these living organisms are not natural to any food.

Dr Oz: What Are CFUs?

Barnard recommended getting your Probiotics in a supplement form, so that you know what you are getting and can take the correct dose. CFUs are Colony Forming Units, and the minimum potency that is useful is one billion units. Choose a product with more than one type of bacteria, and avoid anything that is too close to its expiration date.

Dr Barnard said to take a Probiotic twice per day, up to 30 minutes before a meal, or with a meal itself. Medication doesn’t adequately control High Blood Pressure for millions of Americans, increasing risks of heart attack and stroke. Maybe Probiotics can help to bridge that gap.


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