Dr Oz Poop Guide: What Does Poop Color Mean & How Do You Poop?


Dr Oz Poop Guide: Stool Health

Dr Oz is always game to answer your awkward questions about health and even commiserate with embarrassing stories. But there’s one thing he thinks is so critical to your health that he discusses it throughout each year. It’s time for the Dr Oz Poop Guide. Find out what your poop is trying to tell you about your health.

Dr Oz: How Do You Poop?

Doctor Oz is bravely venturing into America’s bathrooms to ask us how we poop, and why. Depending on the quality, color, and consistency of your stool, you could be a perfect pooper, or you might have some work to do in improving your health or diet.


Do you look before you flush? Dr Oz said that is a good habit to get into (in fact, he’s been saying that for years). Maybe you will find that you have Pellet Poop, which is a pretty self-explanatory name. Here are some Pellet Poop signs:

  • Straining
  • Constipation
  • Low Fiber/Water

Dr Oz Perfect Poop: S-Shaped Poop

Dr Oz Poop Guide: What Does Poop Color Mean & How Do You Poop?

The Dr Oz poop guide gives you a colorful breakdown of what your stool is telling you about your health. Are you a pellet pooper? Could you have IBS?

If you are what Dr Oz calls a Perfect Pooper, you should have quality, S-shaped stool. Dr Oz has been preaching this for years, because it reflects good diet and a healthy digestive system.


Dr Oz: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Are you a liquid pooper? That’s a sign of your digestive system moving too fast. It could also signal that you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), so if your liquid stool lasts longer than a week, contact your doctor. You also need to be sure to rehydrate if you experience diarrhea.

Dr Oz Poop Guide: What Does Poop Color Mean

Auditing your bowel movements is also important to protect your health, because some colors could indicate medical emergencies. See what the colors can mean, and what you should do.

  • Brown Poop – Brown is the normal color and is caused by digestive bile.
  • Green Poop – Caused by food color or fast digestion.
  • Yellow Poop – Could signify gall bladder health problems.
  • White PoopPancreatic Cancer symptom; see a doctor immediately.
  • Red Poop – Unless you ate beets, red could mean intestinal bleeding or hemorrhoids.
  • Black Poop – Stomach ulcer or upper GI bleeding.

Now you know what to do if you see a strange poop color in the toilet bowl, but hopefully you are on the path to becoming a perfect pooper.



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