Dr Oz: Polenta Pizza Crust, Buckwheat Pasta & Kale Grocery Store List


Dr Oz Ultimate Grocery Guide

You asked for it, and now Dr Oz is delivering his best bets for your shopping list. You won’t want to leave home without this guide, with the best fat burning products to target your problem areas, including buckwheat pasta and Mini Babybel Light Cheese. For more shopping advice, check out the Dr Oz Health Snacks List.

Dr Oz: Cortisol Reducing Foods

Produce is the first thing you see when you enter the grocery store. Dr Oz wants you to pick up a few must-haves from this section on your next shopping trip. All Dr Oz viewers know that he loves to sing the praises of Organic Produce, but this time he’s zeroing in on fat fighters.


Belly fat is related in part to the Cortisol stress hormone, but your diet can play a part in reducing that hormone as well. Learn how Kale and Pomegranate Juice can do that.

Dr Oz: Kale for Belly Fat

Dr Oz’s guests like holistic guru Andrew Weil love to sing the praises of Kale. They even finally got me to try it; it seems like a cross between spinach and broccoli. Kale is full of antioxidants, so grab a bunch or a bag of it and try to eat 1/2 cup daily, Dr Oz said.

Dr Oz: Polenta Pizza Crust, Buckwheat Pasta & Kale Grocery Store List

Dr Oz shared his ultimate grocery guide, featuring fat reducing foods such as Buckwheat Pasta, kale, buttermilk, Mini Babybel Light Cheese and polenta.


You can use Kale to make salad, cook it as a side, or get Kale Chips for a snack. A bag of fresh Kale runs about $2.

Dr Oz: Unsweetened Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice reduces bloating for your belly and is another wonderful antioxidant source. But you want to make sure it’s unsweetened! Drink an eight-ounce serving daily to prevent bloating. Pomegranate Juice costs about $5.

Dr Oz: Dairy Butt Fat Reducers

Butt fat is another problem complaint area for Dr Oz’s viewers. But you don’t have to let it take you down. Even if it seems like you can never lose weight from that area, there is hope.

The issue with butt fat is that area can store a lot of calories, particularly when associated with estrogen. The solution is to use dairy products that can take down the fat again, such as cheese or buttermilk.

Mini Babybel Light Cheese Review

You may have seen these in your grocery cheese section. Mini Babybel Light Cheese comes in small wheels of rich calcium, and they are already snack size so you can take them with you. Dr Oz suggested one wheel daily, noting that these have 1/4 less fat than cheddar. You can get six wheels for about $5, which I guess is worth it to blast the butt fat for good.

Dr Oz: Low Fat Buttermilk Calcium

Buttermilk is another surprising butt fat fighter. Though the name might suggest otherwise, it’s low in calories and full of calcium, which you need to get rid of that booty. Try subbing one cup of Buttermilk every day instead of mayonnaise or sour cream. The taste might remind you of yogurt, and you could even try it as a salad dressing ingredient. It sells for about $2.50.

Dr Oz: Buckwheat Pasta

Dr Oz’s next fat target area is all-over body fat. His next recommendations were products that can target excess fat on any part of the body. The secret is firing up that pesky metabolism and making sure you stay full throughout the day so you aren’t as prone to storing fat.

Buckwheat Pasta is one solution for this problem, because it’s heart healthy and protein-rich. Protein + fiber = full stomachs, and if you’re targeting this problem, you should eat a cup of cooked buckwheat pasta daily. Find it for around $3 per box at the grocery store.

Dr Oz: Polenta Pizza Crust

Polenta is a cornmeal-based carbohydrate product. You can use it for many different things, such as making Polenta Pizza Crust, or as a side dish with the consistency of oatmeal. Find it for $3 per box, but make sure to pay attention to the directions so it comes out the way you want to cook it.



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