Dr Oz: Plan To Fix Chronic Stomach Issues + Trigger Foods


Dr Oz: Solve Your Stomach Problems

Dr Oz shared that no matter what your stomach issues, whether it’s occasional bloating and cramps to the more serious irritable bowel syndrome, he had Dr Mark Hyman on his show to share his gut check plan that can help you sooth your stomach for good. Dr Hyman uses a three-prong approach to remove, replace, and repair your gut.

Dr Oz: Remove Trigger Foods

Dr Oz: Plan To Fix Chronic Stomach Issues + Trigger Foods

Dr Oz and Dr Mark Hyman shared a three-step plan that help repair your gut and find what foods cause the most problems for you. (GRei / Shutterstock.com)


The first step is rapid removal, and Dr Hyman explained that the plan is just two weeks long, so anyone can do it. You have to start by getting rid of foods that are irritating, hard to digest, or can be sources of common allergens. Give it a week and then add them back to see how you body responds. The foods you should get rid of include dairy, gluten, grains, soy, lentils, eggs, and nuts.

Dr Oz: Add Foods Back To Your Diet

Once you reach week two, you can start to add foods back. You want to introduce the foods one at a time, starting with dairy. Next you can try adding gluten. If your body responds negatively when you add back a food, then you will know that’s the source of your stomach issues.

You can then try adding back grains, soy, lentils, eggs, and then lastly nuts, one day at a time. Once you know what causes the problems, you know to stay away from them, while still being able to enjoy other foods that your stomach can actually tolerate.


Dr Oz: Replace Bad Bugs In Your Gut

The next part of the three-prong approach is to “replace the bugs” with probiotics and prebiotics. You can find them in foods like miso or dandelion greens. Eating prebiotics with probiotics helps you fertilize the good bugs inside your gut.

Dr Oz: Repair Damage To Your Gut

Finally, you want to repair the damage you’ve already done to your gut. Dr Hyman said when you eat a bad diet and take medicine, you damage the lining of your gut, resulting in a leaky gut. You want to repair it with super foods and nutrients like sardines or a fish oil supplement that contains omega-3s. He also suggested glutamine-rich cabbage and meat, as well as turmeric and coconut oil. You can snack on pumpkin seeds as well, which are full of zinc that helps your digestive enzymes work really well.


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