Dr Oz: Pistachio Prescription for Weight Loss, Protein & Potassium


Dr Oz: The Snack That Takes An Inch Off Your Waist

Dr Oz gave his audience one of the best healthy snacks out there. He promised it had a litany of health benefits, and he wanted everyone to know the good news about Pistachios. Get his Pistachio Prescription and make sure to add these to your daily snack routine.

Audience member Becky joined the fun with Dr Oz, who said she enjoys eating tree nuts. But did you know that Pistachios are not really nuts? They are actually seeds, he explained, and they are a member of the Cashew family.


Dr Oz: Pistachio Protein & Potassium

Dr Oz: Pistachio Prescription for Weight Loss, Protein & Potassium

Dr Oz has the Pistachio Prescription for getting more of this popular, delicious, and surprisingly healthy snack nut into your daily diet starting now.

How do Pistachios compare to some other popular nuts?

  • Pistachios have more protein than Walnuts.
  • Pistachios have more potassium than Pecans.
  • Pistachios have three times the fiber of a Cashew.

Dr Oz: Pistachios for Weight Loss

Also, new research shows that Pistachios can help to take inches off your waist. Dr Oz said you need to let go of the myth that nuts are fattening.


Think about what you crave when you are hungry. If you reach for salty snacks that are not very healthy, they will lack the protein to make you feel full. But some of your favorite nuts will have a different effect. They will stay in your stomach longer because Protein digests slowly, keeping you satisfied without having to eat as much during snack time.

Dr Oz: Pistachio Prescription

Pistachios can also help the healthy bacteria in your waste, which is another added health benefit you probably never expected from a small but delicious nut. Dr Oz unveiled his Pistachio prescription, calling for people to have at least a one-ounce serving of Pistachios daily.

Dr Oz suggested finding unsalted pistachios and adding your own seasonings. He also claimed that it is cheaper to buy them already shelled, which makes them easier to eat. Be sure to put Pistachios on your next shopping list. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your body.


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