Dr Oz Pesticide Test on Organic Food vs Conventional Produce


Dr. Oz: Pesticides in Organic Cucumbers and Peaches

Dr Oz Pesticide Test on Organic Food vs Conventional Produce

Dr. Oz tests organic cucumbers and organic peaches to see if any of the produce has pesticides inside them.

Dr. Oz sent conventional and organic cucumbers and peaches to a lab for a pesticide test. The results that came back are quite shocking. There were no pesticides in organic cucumbers, but there were three different kinds detected in conventional cucumbers. As for the peaches, there were traces of two pesticides in the organic peaches and seven different pesticides in the conventional peaches.

FDA Produce/Pesticide Test Guidelines on Dr Oz

Dr. Oz said both of those numbers are below the amount the FDA said it allowed in each product. Dr. Oz also explained the organic peaches had pesticides in them for a number of reasons. Some reasons may be a close proximity to another farm using pesticides, the ground already have pesticides soaked in to it and because peaches have a very soft skin which makes it easy for pesticides to creep inside and dwell, while the peach continues to grow.

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