Dr Oz Pee Guide: What Does Urine Color Mean & My Pee Smells Funny?


Dr Oz: Check The Toilet

Dr Oz has been answering awkward questions about breast sweat and even vaginal farting. He also revisited his popular Dr Oz Poop Guide, and as a companion to that, he is giving us another reason to check the toilet before we flush with the Dr Oz Pee Guide. Find out if your urine is normal.

Dr Oz: How Many Times Should I Pee Every Day?

How often are you getting up to pee throughout the day or night? Dr Oz said the normal amount is between four and eight times every day. (That means my dog is normal, so good for him.)


Dr Oz Pee Guide: What Does Urine Color Mean & My Pee Smells Funny?

The Dr Oz pee guide shared advice on how often you should go to the bathroom each day, and the health meanings of particular urine color or pee smell.

Doctor Oz also said it’s important to check the toilet before you flush your pee as well, so you can start looking for indicators about your health. Just like with the Dr Oz Poop Chart, what you see in your urine could tell you what’s going on inside your body.

Dr Oz: Urine Flow & Quantity

Look at how much you pee and how it comes out when you go to the bathroom. If you are dribbling, that’s a sign of Incomplete Urinary Emptying, which could be a medical issue you need to have addressed. Bacteria can also build up in stored urine if you aren’t clearing out your bladder in the bathroom.


You should be releasing around eight ounces of urine when you go to the bathroom, and it should come out in a steady stream. Diabetics and others may notice urinary gushing, which is a sign of dehydration.

Dr Oz: Pee Smells Funny?

Dr Oz wants everyone to take note of any unusual odor coming from the urine. Scents can give you clues about your metabolism. Just as you may have heard, asparagus creates a sulfur smell.

The scent you should be worried about in your urine is a sweet smell. That could mean you’re urinating sugar because there is too much in your blood. That means you might have Diabetes and not know it.

Dr Oz Pee Guide: Pee Color Chart

Here are the colors to pay attention to in your urine.

  • Tea Colored Urine – Possible sign of liver disease; see a doctor
  • Bright Yellow Urine – Vitamin B present; sign of a healthy diet
  • Cloudy Urine – Indicates urinary tract infection or possible kidney stones; see a doctor
  • Clear Urine – Ideal color; sign of good hydration

Now you can know whether your pee and poop are normal, thanks to Dr Oz. He goes there.


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