Dr Oz Paleo Code: High Volume Eater Vs The Cheater + Dessert Smoothie


Dr Oz: Find Your Personal Paleo Code To Lose Weight

The Paleo Diet is fast becoming the most popular diet in the US, which could have health benefits beyond weight loss. Dr Oz promised to help you find your personal Paleo Code.

Millions are searching online and dozens of books are flooding the marketplace to show you the benefits of The Paleo Diet. Dr Oz said that the diet is focused on lean meats and plants, which is believed to work well with our DNA, eschewing the inflammation and health consequences of processed foods in the typical American diet.


Paleo Diet foods include meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds, getting back to basics. This is believed to help you lose weight and reduce your risk of chronic disease, including cancer.

Dr Oz: Paleo Diet Health Benefits

Dr Oz Paleo Code: High Volume Eater Vs The Cheater + Dessert Smoothie

What’s your Paleo Code type? Dr Oz asked two experts how you can customize the old-school principles of a Paleo diet to your personal habits and lifestyle.

Two Paleo Diet experts appeared on Dr Oz’s show to talk about the benefits of the diet program. Nell Stephenson, the author of Paleoista, called the meal program balanced, incorporating healthy proteins and fats with local vegetables, avoiding processed carbs.


Chris Kresser wrote Your Personal Paleo Code, which he explained is about customizing the diet to your personal genetic needs for best results. “Some people have trouble sticking with it over the long term, because they find it too restrictive,” he said.

You could lose up to 75 pounds in six months, Nell said. Dr Oz thinks that this back-to-basics approach could be beneficial. He helped to illustrate two types to help you customize the meal plan for yourself.

Dr Oz: High Volume Eater Paleo Code Type

Are you a high volume eater? This could include:

  • Stress Eater
  • Need Large Quantities of Food
  • Mindless Eating

Dr Oz said that he fits into this category, and I think I probably do too. Chris Kresser told Dr Oz that there is no need to count calories on Paleo. Counting calories is not an effective long-term approach, because you will likely gain back what you lost and more.

“You lose weight without trying,” Chris said, explaining that you can have an unrestricted amount of non-starchy vegetables, which are nutrient-rich and have high water content to fill you up. Starchy vegetables that contain good carbs, such as Sweet Potatoes, Yams, or Plantains, can also be helpful to high volume eaters. (Avoid white potatoes, white rice, and corn.)

Healthy fats like Avocado, Olive Oil, and Coconut Oil could help you to reduce your sugar cravings. Last up were proteins, which are key at each meal. There are many options, from steak and eggs to pork chops and turkey, which all have absorbable protein.

You can also have Full Fat Dairy up to twice per day, because it has anti-inflammatory compounds and stress that leads to chronic illness and disease. Enjoy three servings of Legumes throughout your week as well, giving you some fiber and variety.

Dr Oz: Protein Vs Carbs Weight Loss

Dr Oz explained that eating protein is a boon to weight loss. Carbs cause sugar spikes and are quickly broken down and stored as fat. But if you are eating more protein, it takes longer to digest, burning more calories and helping you lose weight.

Dr Oz: The Cheater Paleo Code Type

Nell helped Dr Oz illustrate the second Paleo Code Type, The Cheater, who:

  • Can’t Stick To Diets
  • Needs Flexibility
  • Night Eater
  • Sweet Cravings

You may not be eating enough nutrients and calories during the day, which could lead you to binge on junk later in the afternoon or at night. Busy schedules and responsibilities can lead to indulging in snacks, which are allowed in The Cheater Paleo Code Type.

Dr Oz: Paleo Plate At Every Meal

This diet type requires you to create a Paleo Plate for yourself at every meal, featuring:

  • 2/3 Vegetables (organic preferred)
  • 1/3 Protein (serving size of your palm)
  • A dollop of healthy fat
  • Fruit as garnish

For breakfast, that might mean peppers sauteed with veggies and eggs, avocado and melon.
At lunch, you could have a salad with salmon, berries, and olive oil. Then have a steak for dinner with garlic, broccoli, and fruit as a garnish.

Dr Oz: Paleo Diet Cheat Dessert Smoothie Recipe

That means that you can compensate when you cheat here and there. In fact, you can enjoy three cheat meals per week. This will reduce inflammation and help to regulate blood sugar so you can burn fat. When it comes to dessert, Nell shared some options you can enjoy every night. Combine these ingredients into a smoothie:

  • Coconut Water
  • Ripe Bananas
  • Avocado
  • Spinach
  • Cinnamon
  • Turmeric
  • Ginger
  • 1 tsp Vodka


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