Dr Oz: “Ozcar” Awards + Maple Water & Banana “Ice Cream”


Dr Oz: Matcha Energy Booster

Dr Oz said he wanted to honor some of the year’s biggest standout performance in nutrition, in honor of awards season. He’s pulling the winners straight from the pages of The Good Life magazine, and he was calling it “The Ozcar Awards.”

Dr Oz: "Ozcar" Awards + Maple Water & Banana "Ice Cream"

Dr Oz handed out his “Ozcar Awards” to delicious food products like maple water. (PRUSSIA ART / Shutterstock.com)


First, Dr Oz gave an Ozcar for “rising star” to Matcha, and he welcomed Latoya who has turned matcha into an energy booster. Latoya shared that matcha is delicious, keeps her alert and energized throughout the day, and it’s a treat that’s good for you. Dr Oz said matcha is supposed to be drank slowly because it has a very rich taste and you want to enjoy it.

Dr Oz: Maple Water

Next, Dr oz share that maple water won the award for the best debut. He welcomed Wendy, a fan of Maple Water, who said that she has a big sweet tooth. Maple water instead of regular water kicks her sweet tooth down a notch thanks to its sweeter flavor. It also doesn’t have many calories, with 25 fewer calories per serving than coconut water.

Dr Oz said he’s interested to see if maple water is going to go from a trend to something with true health benefits, because it needs to be studied more. Wendy said she’s been drinking it for a couple months.


Dr Oz: Banana “Ice Cream” Dessert

Lastly, Dr Oz named the winner for the best dinner ending, saying it was either Greek yogurt, raspberry ice cream, banana ice cream, or dark chocolate. The winner was banana “ice cream.” Shakiya joined Dr Oz and said bananas are naturally sweet and very good for you. She said she takes a bunch of bananas, puts them in the freezer until they’re frozen, takes them out and puts them in a blender until it makes ice cream. She also likes to top it with coconut or cinnamon and some fruit.

The bonus is that it tastes like ice cream, but it’s all fruit! My favorite way to eat banana “ice cream” is to add just a little bit of peanut butter and honey. Amazing!


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