Dr Oz: Overcoming Night Eating + Emotional Vs Physical Hunger


Dr Oz: Night Eating

Dr Oz talked about those days when you eat really healthy all day until night eating takes over and wrecks your diet. He said he had a plan to help all those night eaters make better decisions to stick to their weight loss goals.

One woman shared that she’ll be eating healthy all day, eating nutrient-dense foods like salads, fruit, and smoothies. But after dinner, between 8 and midnight, she’ll pull out the chips, ice cream, and cookies. She’ll even bake French fries, and said if she can’t sleep, she’ll reach for the chocolate. She said it’s impacted her weight because she started off losing weight but now she’s gained almost all of it back. She always promises herself the next day will be better, but then the cravings take over all over again.


Dr Oz: When Are You Consuming The Most Calories?

Dr Oz: Overcoming Night Eating + Emotional Vs Physical Hunger

Dr Oz talked to a woman who consumes the majority of her calories at night, jeopardizing her health and her weight. (Ken Tannenbaum / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz talked to the woman who he said obviously has will power or else she wouldn’t be able to eat as well throughout the day. She said at night, her stress takes over. Dr Oz wanted to take her to the Truth Tube to see what’s going on with her health. Dr Oz shared that her diet is high in fiber, low in fat and sodium, and includes plenty of protein-centered meals.

Dr Oz then broke down when she consumes her calories, and found out that she’s consuming 69% of her total calories at night. She said she had no idea it was that bad. Dr Oz said when you have a lot of nighttime calories, it can lead to weight gain, heartburn, and poor sleep quality.


Dr Oz: Emergency Counter Measures

Dr Oz said the first step for night eaters is to figure out why you’re eating at night. He brought in Dr James Rosser, who shared that he had a genetic predisposition and he also chose a high-stress job, to be a surgeon. About 14 years ago, he went to war against against his own weight and went from 460 to 303. He said he’s a big man, but a healthy one.

Dr Rosser said there’s things called emergency countermeasures that you can use as soon as you feel a craving come on. Dr Rosser said the main thing is to understand you’re not alone, and it’s stress-induced nighttime eating. He wanted to give her a physical plan that would actually help her, since her health is on the line.

Dr Oz: Emotional Vs Physical Hunger

There’s emotional hunger and physical hunger, and one way to tell if it’s emotional eating is if it comes on suddenly, causes cravings for specific foods, and the eating often ends with remorse. He said once you figure out that it’s emotional eating, you should take five minutes to realize that and come to grips with why you want the food and why you want to eat.


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