Dr Oz Organic Shopping List: Sweet Potatoes, Celery & Dairy Products


Dr Oz Organic Shopping List

Dr Oz talked about Brown Rice Syrup & Arsenic on his show. He and a guest concluded that Organic Food offers a variety of health benefits, and if you’re interested in learning more about what to buy organic, this segment is for you. Get the Dr Oz Organic Shopping List for Organic Milk, Dairy & Produce products before you head to the store or farmer’s market.

Though you will often pay a little more for Organic Food, Dr Oz said it’s definitely worth it in some cases, where he doesn’t believe you should skimp on quality. To go through his picks, he invited audience member Elena to help him out. She said that she tries to mix some Organic items into her basket when she shops. Her kids have tried Organic Milk, as well as some fruit.


Dr Oz: Organic Sweet Potatoes

Dr Oz Organic Shopping List

Dr Oz shared an Organic Shopping List and highlighted benefits of Organic produce & dairy products.

Dr Oz said that buying Organic Sweet Potatoes can get you nearly double the health benefits compared to regular Sweet Potatoes. That’s because the non-organic varieties are sprayed with pesticides.

On top of that, regular Potatoes as well as fungicides, which are chemicals you’d never want to eat. So even if you’re not going Organic, Dr Oz advised sticking with Sweet Potatoes instead of regular Potatoes, because they’re healthier overall. He said you should be able to find Organic Sweet Potatoes for about $1.49 per pound.


Dr Oz: Organic Celery & Bell Peppers

Crunchy salad vegetables like Celery and Bell Peppers tend to absorb pesticides like sponges. There’s no way to clean that off once it’s gotten into the skin of your veggies. That’s the reason Dr Oz said you should go Organic on these types of vegetables, to limit exposure to toxins.

Dr Oz: Organic Lettuce & Collard Greens

Dr Oz suggested Organic once again when it comes to greens and leafy produce. That’s because these types of vegetables cling to pesticides when they are used in non-organic varieties. Bugs love these fresh items just as much as we do, and that’s why farmers tend to use extra pesticides on them. Though Organic produce may not look as bright green as non-organic, it’s actually better for you in the long run.

Dr Oz: Organic Milk & Dairy Items

When it comes to dairy purchases, have you thought about Organic options? Dr Oz said he prefers Organic Ice Cream, Cheese, Yogurt and Butter. As for Organic Milk, he noted that the cows who produce it aren’t fed harmful antibiotics and chemicals, so those won’t wind up in your milk.


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