Dr Oz: One-Day Cleanse + Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe


Dr Oz: One-Day Cleanse

Dr Oz: One-Day Cleanse + Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe

Dr Oz shared what cleanses he thinks are best for weight loss, skin detoxing, and boosting energy. (gauravonomics / flickr)

Dr Oz shared the best cleanses for every health goal but realizes that some people only have time for a one-day cleanse. That’s why he brought in nutritionist Kimberly Snyder to explain how you can detox in just one day. Dr Oz brought in a panel of women who say they’re too busy for a detox, but were willing to try this one to see if it would work for them. So lets get to the details of the detox…


Dr Oz: Lemon Water & Green Smoothie To Start

Step one was to drink warm lemon water to start the day, which is already a part of the Total 10 Rapid Weight Loss Plan. The water can start your day with proper hydration and get your body going.

The next step is to make your first meal the glowing green smoothie. You can find the recipe for the green smoothie below. The drink is super thick, will help ward off cravings, keep you full, and provide plenty of fiber. Kimberly said the smoothie is incredibly energizing and a great way to start your day on the right note. The panel of women tried it and said it actually tasted really good. Because of how thick it was, they said they can see how it would keep you full. Now lets checkout the Detox Tea Recipe…


Dr Oz: Homemade Detox Tea

Once you get later into your morning, Kimberly suggested sipping detox tea for a mid-morning boost. The tea is a mix of fresh ginger, cayenne pepper, and lemon, which helps break up toxins. The tea tastes great and will give you a metabolism boost.

Have you tried any of these detox techniques? If so, which ones have worked for you? Do you make your own green drink? Tell us!

You can find the lunch portion of this cleanse with the vegan ranch dressing recipe. Kimberly also shared her delicious tomato basil vegan soup that serves as dinner for the one-day cleanse.

Dr Oz 1-Day Cleanse Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe Ingredients

  •  7 C spinach – chopped
  • 1 1/2 C celery – chopped
  • 1 pear – cored & chopped
  • 2 tbsp fresh organic lemon juice
  • 2 C water – cold & filtered
  • 6 C romaine lettuce – chopped
  • 1 apple – cored & chopped
  • 1 banana

Dr Oz 1-Day Cleanse Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe Directions

  1. Place all ingredients into a blender & blend until smooth.


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