Dr Oz: Nut Flour Substitutes, Slim Belly Carb Cycling + Carb Addiction


Dr Oz: How To Cut Your Carb Cravings For Good

Did you know your body is programmed to need carbs? Dr Oz said fitness expert Jorge Cruise has the solutions that could help you get rid of those unwanted carb cravings for a slim belly and start using some smart flour substitutes. Jorge Cruise’s brand new book, Happy Hormones, Slim Belly, promises weight loss if you stick to the plan. Women have more carb cravings compared to men, and Cruise said this is related to Serotonin levels, which women produce less of overall.

Dr Oz Slim Belly: Carb Addiction in Women

Dr Oz: Nut Flour Substitutes, Slim Belly Carb Cycling + Carb Addiction

Do you want to get a slim belly without saying goodbye to carbs? Jorge Cruise showed Dr Oz his carb cycling plan from the Happy Hormones, Slim Belly diet.


Women sometimes blame themselves for their carb addiction, but Cruise said that it is not their fault. Cruise enlisted more than 100,000 Facebook fans try his diet plan, and they lost an average of seven pounds per week, while feeling hormonally balanced.

“You lose the weight and your hormones feel happy,” Cruise told Dr Oz of the plan.

Dr Oz: Carb Cycling for Women

Carb Cycling is a breakthrough for women, according to Cruise. Low carbs can help you lose weight, but high carbs might make you feel good.


Jorge Cruise said that phase one of his plan is a two-day low carb diet that resets the body’s insulin sensitivity. Then you can return to a five-day high carb diet that will keep you satisfied while helping you lose weight.

Dr Oz Slim Belly: Happy Hormones Diet Cycle

This cycle will repeat, and Cruise told Dr Oz that women in their 40s and 50s especially see benefits of this. How does the science work? The University of Manchester found in research that resetting insulin by eating clean for two days will promote weight loss.

Just eat under 100 sugar calories per day during those two days, Cruise said. You can substitute eggplant or cauliflower in lasagna and pizza recipes, so you are still eating well. Then for five days, you can eat healthy, unprocessed, complex carbs, up to 500 sugar calories.

You can get plenty of meal ideas and fabulous recipes for both phases of the diet in Cruise’s book, Happy Hormones, Slim Belly. This could change the game for menopause.

Dr Oz: Low Carb Nut Flour Substitutes

Cruise also suggested making a lasting, healthy swap in your kitchen. Change out your flour for nut flours, such as Almond Flour, Coconut Flour, and Flaxseed Flour. You could use this to make fried chicken or onion rings, just as some guilt-free ideas.

Dr Oz: Real or Fake Vintage Health Ads

Finally, Dr Oz highlighted some shocking health advertisements from the past, quizzing an audience member about whether it was real or fake. A vintage Gillette ad featuring a shaving baby was the real thing, from 1901. Do you like to look at old magazine advertisements from decades ago?


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