Dr Oz: No-Dairy Cheese Substitutes To Stop Your Cheese Addiction


Dr Oz: The Cheese Trap

If you’re anything like me, you have a mild love affair with cheese. The average American eats 35 pounds of cheese each year. That’s approximately 60,000 calories just from cheese alone! One man claims cheese is the one thing we need to lose weight and get our energy back. Dr Oz welcomed Dr Neal Barnard, author of “The Cheese Trap.” While Dr Oz has been saying that fat is back, Dr Barnard stated “fat is as bad as we ever thought it was.”

Is Cheese Bad For You?

He claims it’s the densest source of calories which leads to weight gain, but he’s particularly worried about the saturated fat that’s linked to heart disease. As Dr Barnard pointed out, more and more things are being linked to bad fat like Alzheimer’s disease. He claims cheese is the biggest source of bad fat in the diet.


How Many People Can Give-Up Cheese?

Dr Oz asked his audience how many of them ate some form of cheese every day and just about everyone raised their hands. A Dr Oz online poll found that 68% of people said they wouldn’t be able to give up cheese. When Dr Oz’s staff found out about the idea that they may have to give up cheese, they nearly lost their minds. One even offered to give up chocolate instead!

Dr Oz: Cheese Substitutes

Dr Oz: Is Cheese Bad For You? Do Dairy Products Cause Weight Gain

Should you give up cheese if you’re hoping to lose weight? Is it really that addicting? Dr Oz spoke to an expert who believes it is. (koadmunkee / Flickr)

So does that mean everyone should give up the beloved food? Dr Barnard explained that those who have been trying to lose weight but haven’t been able to or are living with inflammatory conditions like sore joints, migraines, or skin conditions. The answer may be as simple as giving up cheese and other dairy products, because of the fat and the protein in them.  But have no fear, Dr. Oz and Neal Barnard have an amazing list of non-dairy cheese substitutes!  But first, lets learn about why cheese is so dangerous, on the next page…



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