Dr Oz: All-Natural Cereal, Whole Grains Label Lie & GMOs at Breakfast


Dr Oz: Natural Cereals That Aren’t

How often do you or your kids have cereal for breakfast? Have you noticed that the cereal boxes have started to seem better for you than in years past? Dr Oz said that the labels have changed, but he wanted to go behind the labels to decode what it means when a breakfast cereal claims to be “all-natural”?

Nutritionist Lauren Slayton, author of The Little Book of Thin, talked with Dr Oz about the buzzwords we all see on the packaging of favorite foods, like “healthy,” “whole grain,” or “all natural.”


Dr Oz: All-Natural Cereal + GMOs in Breakfast Foods?

Dr Oz: All-Natural Cereal, Whole Grains Label Lie & GMOs at Breakfast

You may have seen the wording “all-natural” on some of your favorite breakfast cereals, but do you know what it means? Let Dr Oz take you behind the labels.

What does “All-Natural” mean when it comes to cereal? Slayton said that sugar may not be the biggest problem with our cereals. “All-Natural,” however, can be misleading, because it appeals to consumers.

The problem is that it is vague, which may mean it is not an actual lie. There is no legal meaning for this term, which means anyone can put it on any food product without meeting any standards or guidelines.


Then there is all-natural corn, which Slayton said has been found to contain genetically engineered ingredients. Foods that contain GMOs are being called natural, which Dr Oz and Slayton were both bothered by.

Dr Oz: Organic Non-GMO Foods

Dr Oz said that GMO and non-GMO potatoes can end up next to one another in the supermarket, where they can become easily confused. He added that it can be overwhelming and almost impossible to avoid GMOs in our food supply.

Lauren Slayton said you can look for the USDA Organic label or a seal from the Non GMO Project, verifying that the food is organic or does not contain genetically modified organisms.

Dr Oz: Whole Grains Label Lie?

“Whole Grains” can be another misleading term when it comes to breakfast cereals. According to Slayton, this just means that there are some whole grains in the product, but this can be another Label Lie because not necessarily everything in that box is whole grains. Instead, it may be mixed with processed, refined grains, which do not fill us up but do spike blood sugar.

Research also shows that these products can also include other unwanted ingredients. Slayton told Dr Oz that could include artificial flavors, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup.

Her advice was to look for 100% whole grain or 100% whole wheat on the label. If you find out that your cereal is not what you thought, you can always choose another breakfast option like Greek yogurt.


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