Dr Oz Natural Appetite Suppressants: Wasabi, Rye Bread + Fava Beans


Dr Oz: Natural Appetite Suppressants

Dr Oz knows that all of us sometimes get hunger attacks, but he put together a list of all natural appetite suppressant ideas to help us get through the day, like Wasabi, Fava Beans, and Rye Bread. Nicole from the audience helped Dr Oz, and she admitted that she gets hungry in the afternoon. Maybe some of these snack ideas will help her get over the 2 p.m. hump.

Dr Oz: Wasabi Natural Appetite Suppressant

Do you know which foods help to reduce hunger? Find out from Dr Oz what is best and why. Did you know that Wasabi can help you control hunger as a natural appetite suppressant?


Doctor Oz said that spicy foods boost metabolism while decreasing appetite. You can add wasabi to almost any meal. Try it in salad dressing, deviled eggs, or grilled tuna for dinner.

Dr Oz: Rye Bread Breakfast Appetite Suppressant

There are all kinds of bread out there, but you might not think that bread could help you curb your appetite. It certainly doesn’t work that way in restaurants, where they bring you an endless supply of free bread.

Dr Oz Natural Appetite Suppressants: Wasabi, Rye Bread + Fava Beans

Dr Oz shared some of the natural appetite suppressants you may not have thought about, such as Fava Beans, Wasabi, and Rye Bread.


Surprisingly, Rye Bread is another natural appetite suppressant. Rye contains rye fiber and resistant starch, which hold onto water. Eat one slice of rye bread first thing in the morning. One clinical trial found that people ate 16% less food throughout the day by eating Rye Bread instead of wheat.

Dr Oz: Fava Beans Control Appetite

Which beans do you think are an appetite suppressant? Fava Beans are high in protein and contain an isoflavone that helps to keep you full for longer. Add a cup of Fava Beans to one of your daily meals and say goodbye to hunger.

Dr Oz: Sensory Specific Satiety

Doctor Oz also showed several meal options, all of which contained some form of apples. He explained Sensory Specific Satiety, in which you eat some of the same food in every meal, which calms the taste buds and prevents you from overeating. Try to include a taste of a food you love in all your daily meals. You could use your favorite fruit, nut, or vegetable. What an interesting idea! I wonder if it works.

Dr Oz: Lazy Girl Tips from Doctors

We have a lot to juggle in life, and sometimes it is OK to be lazy, according to Dr Oz. He asked doctors to share some of their own minimum effort tricks for maximum results.

  • Dermatologist Dr Jessica Krant loves Yogurt Masks, made from plain yogurt to fight acne bacteria while getting a mild peel.
  • Gynecologist Dr Tara Allmen said to drink a glass of wine each day to reduce Heart Disease risk.
  • Alternative therapies practitioner Dr Vijaya Nair suggested an Energy Booster Shake, made from almond milk and fermented soy protein powder, to keep you going for up to four hours.

Finally, an audience member said her lazy tip was to make a big meal and use the leftovers to make other meals throughout the week. Share your own ideas on Twitter with the hashtag #OzLazyGirlTip.


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