Dr Oz: Montel Williams Breast Cancer vs Gynecomastia & Emotional Eating


Dr Oz: Montel Williams Emotional Eating

During his successful run as a talk show host in the 1990s, no one knew the health problems that lay ahead for Montel Williams. Previously, he spoke to Dr Oz about Multiple Sclerosis and Assisted Suicide.

He returned to The Doctor Oz Show to share more of his personal struggle, this time with Emotional Eating. Montel admitted this is a problem he’s struggled with since age 19, and after keeping it a secret for decades, he was finally ready to speak up about how he overcame his challenges with food.


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Dr Oz: Montel Williams Body Image

TV host Montel Williams opened up about his struggles and the connection between emotional eating & body image. (Image Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Dr Oz: Montel Emotional Eating

When he faced life challenges or was overwhelmed by stress, Montel said he turned to food for comfort. Now he is telling Dr Oz the truth in the hope that his message can reach others who are in similar circumstances.


In fact, it was a past Dr Oz episode about emotional eating that got through to Montel, and he recognized that he’d been doing the same things for his entire adult life, turning to food to cope with his emotions.

Montel felt like a hypocrite, because he’s written three books about fitness, and he was secretly cheating the entire time, indulging his cravings.

Doctor Oz: Montel Williams Depression

There are many facets to Montel’s complex journey. He is also open about his struggles with depression. He said he has been diagnosed as clinically depressed, and he cries sometimes for no reason.

To help cope with this uncontrollable situation, he turned to food, binging on cookies and eating an entire package so he could destroy the evidence. During another recent Montel appearance, Dr Oz asked him to expose his stomach. Montel now says that he was so nervous before that show that he ate a whole box of Girl Scout Cookies the night before.

Dr Oz: Montel Williams Body Image

Many Hollywood stories are depressing and disheartening. Montel Williams discovered this for himself in his 50s, as he was trying to compete with 20-somethings in terms of physique and appearance.

Though he could give others advice on how to stay healthy, he couldn’t follow his own plan, and he became discouraged. In addition to the many other challenges he has overcome in life, Montel was also struggling with his body image.

Dr Oz: Gynecomastia Vs Breast Cancer

During his stint in the Marine Corps in the mid-1970s, Montel was a boxer and a weight lifter. He was so enthusiastic about fitness that he tore his right pectoral muscle, which swelled as a result. Just eight hours later, an overzealous doctor performed a double mastectomy on Montel Williams, acting in fear that the man had Breast Cancer.

In reality, Montel Williams was actually suffering from Gynecomastia, and the mastectomy procedure was unnecessary, making Montel feel “butchered.” Even today, decades later, Montel got emotional speaking about the pain and shame of his mastectomy scars, which play into his ongoing concerns around Body Image.

His goal in opening up about these new struggles was to inspire others with hope and help them seek new solutions. Dr Oz and his show have helped Montel learn to cope with his own issues and emotions. In fact, he is inspired and “getting busy living and not hanging out waiting to die.”

Montel encouraged others to seek answers in their personal journeys, instead of doing nothing and continuing to be in pain. Dr Oz suspects that there is a deep connection between body image and emotional eating, which probably affects countless others.

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