Dr Oz: Michelle Obama’s MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Fear


How Michelle Obama Handles Stress – Do I Smell BS?

Doctor Oz asked the First Lady Michelle Obama how she dealt with stress, especially since her husband is about to go back to the polls for re-election. Michelle said that for them, they viewed their roles as service. She and Barack get energy from the people. They enjoy the work that they do and the roles that they have. “Doing the work gets rid of the stress,” she told Dr Oz.  Sorry Michelle Obama, but that sounds like a load of BS and a pre-election pitch!  Another key point to ward off stress was exercise. “The president is one of the healthiest people I know,” she said. “He works out every day and eats well.” The kids also helped with their stress. She loved sitting down to dinner and focusing on her children and their lives.

Dr Oz: Michelle Obama's MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Fear

Dr Oz spoke to Michelle Obama about her fear of MS (Multiple Sclerosis).


Michelle Obama: Healthcare Reform Changes – Good or Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Doctor Oz asked if the administration were to end its term, would its legacy be health? Michelle stated that’s what they were working on now. Health reform is so important. Things like pap smears and mammograms are now covered. Kids can now remain on parents’ insurance until 26-years-old. This allows parents to breathe a sigh of relief. Because of the reform, people are paying less for prescription meds. Healthcare companies cannot deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions. Americans will save billions of dollars in preventative care with access to things they haven’t had before. Their administration wants to make sure that everyone has access to health care.  What do you think of all of these healthcare reforms?  Are they a good thing?  Or a nightmare waiting to happen?  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

Michelle Obama: MS Runs in the Family

Michelle stated that her biggest health fear is MS (Multiple Sclerosis.) Her father had MS and got it at the prime of his life so she worried about genetic sudden illnesses that you have no control over. She was worried about Obama’s smoking, but he has since stopped. Her nagging didn’t help, it was the girls. They were getting older and understood about smoking and he did not want to have to explain it to them.

Michelle Obama Lets President Obama Eat Junk Food – Hypocrite or Not?

Doctor Oz showed photos of the president eating burgers, pizza and ice cream (Ha!) After getting a good laugh, Michelle stated that she doesn’t nag him about his indulgences. It was all about moderation and not deprivation. The president is a healthy man and worked out seven days a week so when he goes on a campaign trail, he can enjoy goodies every once in awhile.  While I understand that President Obama clearly does not eat junk food all the time, is it really the right message to send to the public if they are trying to stress that “health” is what they have accomplished during their time in the White House?


She tried not to talk about weight and body image, instead, she talked about being healthy. She educated her children on what role foods play when it comes to body functioning. In other words, they know carrots are good for the eyes etc…. The girls were into sports and knew to relate what to eat and how it will make you run faster and longer.

She and Dr Oz encouraged parents to use their doctor as an ally because doctors are a critical part in keeping us healthy. This is why preventative care is so important. Some people didn’t have those resources and they’re trying to change that.


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