Dr Oz: Michael Pollan New Food Rules & Wine, Cheese Improve Gut Health


Dr Oz: Micheal Pollan Food Rules

Michael Pollan has been on Dr. Oz before to show everyone how hamburgers are really made and he revealed exactly what goes into a chicken nugget, but today he is on the show to talk with Dr. Oz about his new food rules.

Most Important Aspect Of Food Is the Way It Is Cooked

Michael Pollan, author of Cooked, spent a long time learning about nutrition and what he found to be the most important aspect of nutrition is the way we cook our food. For corporations, “cooking” means additives, artificial ingredients and lots of salt. At home, cooking means spending time in the kitchen cooking your own food and really learning to appreciate how food can benefit your b


Dr Oz: Michael Pollan New Food Rules & Wine, Cheese Improve Gut Health

Dr. Oz talked with Michael Pollan about his new food rules and Pollan explained how wine and cheese can aid in gut health and digestion.

ody and health.

Michael Pollan: Water Adds Flavor To Food

Dr. Oz told Pollan the number one complaint he hears from people is that cooking healthy takes a lot of time but Pollan said it all comes down to making time for the things we value. He pointed out that many of those same people spend a lot of time in drive-thrus or at fast food restaurants waiting in line when they could have taken the same amount time and used it to cook a healthy meal.


Michael Pollan told Dr. Oz he wanted to take things back to nature by incorporating water, earth, air and fire in his new food rules.

Water: Michael Pollan said cooking any type of food slowly in water is going to add flavor.

Air: Michael Pollan said there is a lot of air inside a loaf of bread, a food you could live on forever because of it’s nutritional value. However, Pollan said bread should only contain four ingredients, water, flour, salt and yeast, and it should always be purchased from a baker and not from a factory.

Earth: Pollan said fermented foods like yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut should be eaten every day because they are good for your gut health and they aid in digestion. Dr. Oz pointed out that Pollan says cheese and wine both count as fermented foods but you have to make sure not to overindulge.

Fire: Micheal Pollan believes the microwave is the downfall of humans eating healthier. He said cooking with fire, instead of in the microwave, brings people together to enjoy each other’s company. How many times have you seen people huddled around a microwave waiting for eat some delicious food? Probably not too often.



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