Dr Oz: Metabolism Type A and Type B Foods – Diet Meal Plan Advice


Dr. Oz: Metabolism Type A Meal Plan

After explaining the different Metabolism Types, Dr Oz shared his Type A & Type B meal plans.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Type A & B

Dr Oz shows two of the sisters what food they should be eating according to their metabolism types.


Dr. Oz said people with metabolism type A need to eat 50 percent protein, 30 percent fat and 20 percent carbs. These types of people crave salty foods because they need more protein and the body knows food with protein also has salt in them. Dr. Oz told Sarah if she ate these foods every day, in the right portions, she would be less anxious. Sarah told him she was a bit scared of the dark meat but Dr. Oz told her it is a myth that dark meat it bad for you. Dr. Oz also told her she needed to start eating more fatty dairy products, such as 2 percent milk. Sarah look a bit surprised and relieved that she was able to eat fatty dairy products. Dr. Oz also said to stay away from starchy foods.

I would love to have this diet. I’m pretty sure I might be a type A metabolism.

Dr. Oz: Metabolism Type B Meal Plan

Dr. Oz explained that people with type B metabolism should eat 70 percent carbohydrates, 20 percent protein and 10 percent fatty foods.


All bread and no fat. I am thankful I am not type B.

These types of people crave sweets, Dr. Oz said, because they can easily digest and store carbohydrates. Jen said she was a bit scared to eat so much bread, which she had cut out of diet entirely. Dr. Oz told her she should start eating bread and cereal everyday to get her body to start feeling normal and less anxious. Dr. Oz told her to go on a low fat diet, to eat lots of light colored fish and to eat lots of light colored meat.

Dr. Oz explained again that eating the right foods for your metabolism can help your body work the right way and will help your personality become better, meaning less stress and anxiety.



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