Dr Oz: Metabolism Power Plate, Thermostat & Chris Powell Workout


Dr Oz: Metabolism Plan

How many times have you set out to ramp up your weight loss and fitness goals, only to hit plateaus and roadblocks without understanding why? Dr Oz invited trainer and TV personality Chris Powell to share his Miracle Metabolism Plan, featuring the Metabolism Power Plate, Metabolic Thermostat, and critical knowledge about the Metabolic Muscle.

You may have seen Chris Powell on TV shows such as Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. He is also the author of a new book, Choose To Lose, which is designed to help people keep off those extra pounds once and for all.


Dr Oz: Metabolism Power Plate

Dr Oz and Chris Powell shared Metabolism boosters, such as the Metabolism Power Plate, Metabolic Thermostat and a quiz to get you on track.

Chris said he can help you reset your metabolism by working from the internal to the external, giving you a total metabolism makeover and beating genetics. The keys really have to do with diet, but he said that your belief that you can succeed is also paramount. Get ready to lose weight for good with Chris’s Miracle Metabolism Plan.

Chris Powell’s Metabolism Quiz

First, you have to think about the connection between metabolism and energy. To get us started, Chris asked the audience five questions about diet and health.

  1. Have you lost weight over the last year, but gained it back?
  2. Has your weight loss stalled or slowed recently?
  3. Do you skip meals regularly?
  4. Do you eat a low calorie diet?
  5. Have you removed carbs from your diet?

Dr Oz’s audience answered yes to all five of these questions, which are critical in understanding your metabolism and its function. Audience member Stacey came onstage to talk about her lifelong weight struggle. She said she feels like she doesn’t even have a metabolism to work with.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Power Plate

The first suggestion that Chris Powell shared is the Metabolism Power Plate. This means eating complex carbohydrates, vegetables and protein. Chris suggested always having three things on your plate.

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and it’s important to keep in mind that it sets the day’s tone for your metabolism. Snacking speeds it up, and lunch helps as well. By the time dinner rolls around, your metabolism has hopefully been working hard all day long to burn calories.

Chris said that too many people skip breakfast, which means their metabolism never gets going in the morning. If you’re not getting lunch until early afternoon, you’re missing out on the opportunity to burn calories for almost half the day.

Chris Powell: Metabolic Thermostat

Chris’s next tip is to crank up your Metabolic Thermostat. This is controlled by your Thyroid Gland, which regulates your body’s fat burning.

Dr Oz and Chris gloved up and examined a normal Thyroid Vs enlarged Thyroid. The enlarged Thyroid was darker and obviously bigger.

You can fuel your Thyroid with natural carbs and whole grains such as Amaranth and Buckwheat. Sweet Potatoes, Beans, and Legumes are other helpful fuel sources.

When choosing canned beans, try to find Low Sodium options. Also, try to work a rainbow of colors into your diet by adding more fresh fruits and vegetables.

The key takeaway here is that you shouldn’t avoid carbs, because skipping them turns down your Thyroid function by half.

Dr Oz: Metabolic Muscle

Do you want to boost your metabolic muscle? Try doing this with weight and resistance training. Chris’s tips were to build your larger muscle groups, such as quads and hamstrings, first.

Metabolism Workout: Squats

Squats are a great way to do this. Just stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Dip up and down for at least four reps.

Metabolism Workout: Shredders

For his next exercise, Chris suggested putting your large muscle groups in motion. He started with three minutes of jogging in place. Then you should build up to a higher intensity for another two minutes. Conclude this exercise with a minute of jumping jacks.

With these tips and advice, you may finally be on your way to better metabolism.


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