Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet, Juice Cleanse + Diet for Your Personality


Dr Oz: What’s Your Diet Personality?

Each year, countless people start off in January with plans to get healthy for good. But we don’t always follow through, and Dr Oz said it is not your fault. It could be that you are on the wrong diet for your personality. Find your Diet Personality with this quiz.

Nutritional psychologist Amanda Baten said that most of us have good intentions when we attempt a diet or set a goal. But something can undermine those pursuits. She said that figuring out your Diet Personality can help to set you up to a more successful and suitable long-term plan.


Dr Oz: Eating Habits Quiz

Dr Oz: Mediterranean Diet, Juice Cleanse + Diet for Your Personality

Are you more likely to see results with a juice cleanse or the Mediterranean Diet? Dr Oz said that depends on your diet personality, so take the quiz!

What best describes your eating habits?

  • A. I’m always on the go.
  • B. I love to spend time cooking.
  • C. I’m flexible but like to indulge.

Dr Oz: Diet Motivation Quiz

Why do you diet?

  • A. I’ve had an overindulgent weekend. I need to kick-start my week.
  • B. I’m worried about health issues like heart disease or diabetes.
  • C. I want to lose weight without giving up favorite indulgences.

Dr Oz: Dieting Beliefs Quiz

What is your dieting belief?

  • A. I’m always following the latest fad.
  • B. I hate the idea of a diet.
  • C. I’m meticulous, but I need motivation along the way.

Dr Oz: Diet Personality Quiz Results

Tally your results. Do you notice a pattern? Here are the results Dr Baten shared with Dr Oz on the show.

Dr Oz: Multitasker Diet Recommendation

If you answered mostly As, you are a multitasker. “They’re on the fast track, and they’re looking to succeed, but they’re not really connecting to each one of these tasks,” Baten said.

What is the best diet for this personality type? A Juice Cleanse could be the answer. Dr Oz got more information from Dr Baten, who said that this type may do better with a quick fix or short-term solution.

“This can serve as motivation for you to move forward to develop a healthy life diet plan for you,” Dr Baten said.

Dr Oz: Goal Oriented Personality Mediterranean Diet Recommendation

Do you love to set goals and objectives? If so, you probably answered mostly Bs on the quiz. For those who are driven and focused, which type of diet might be your best bet? Dr Oz’s recommendation was the Mediterranean Diet.

Dr Baten and Dr Oz discussed that this type of diet allows diverse foods and flavors, customized to your schedule while giving you weight loss results and health benefits like improved sleep and better concentration. This is more of a lifestyle than a diet, and you don’t have to worry about counting calories!

Dr Oz: Rule Follower Personality Portion Control Diet

Did you answer mostly Cs on the quiz? You may be a Rule Follower, who enjoys plans, structure, and steps. If this sounds like you, what diet should you consider? The experts suggested a Portion Control Program, which could provide a framework.

Dr Baten said that there are a variety of means to get support on these types of plans. “Being accountable to someone outside yourself…is going to be very helpful,” she said.

Which Diet Personality are you? Tell me your quiz results in the comments section.


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