Dr Oz Meal Types: Night Owl, Plate Cleaner & The Picker Diet Plan


Dr Oz: What’s Your Meal Type?

Once you take the quiz here, you’ll want to see if you answered mostly 1’s, 2’s or 3’s in order to determine your meal type. Dr Oz was joined by Dr Mike Dow, author of “The Brain Fog Fix,” and nutritionist Maya Feller to explain the different meal types.

Dr Oz: Night Owl Meal Type & Emotional Binge Eating

If you answered mostly 1’s, you’re the night owl. That means you like to eat the majority of your calories at night and enjoy social interaction and parties. Because you love social interaction, your brain wants that surge of dopamine and serotonin. That can cause you to over-indulge at night. High-fat foods release that dopamine, as well as processed carbohydrates. You may be pretty good at restricting during the day, but then at night you practically go crazy. The problem is that you’re training yourself to become an emotional eater. Instead, try to find activities that will give you that surge of dopamine in a different way.



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