Dr Oz May Diet: 80-20 Plate, Liquid Dinner & Swimsuit Water Recipe


Dr Oz May Diet: Get 10 Pounds Off This Month

Are you ready to hit the beach or lay out poolside with summer on the way? If so, Dr Oz unveiled The May Diet, which he said could help you lose 10 pounds in a month. You may remember the Two-Week Rapid Weight Loss Diet that kicked off 2014 and helped millions lose weight. Now it has been customized for the summer season.

Dr Oz’s entire audience arrived with bathing suits in hopes of losing 10 pounds before the start of summer. Check out the ways you can eliminate water weight, shed fat, speed digestion, and lose inches.


Dr Oz: 80-20 Plate Rule for Water Weight

The 80-20 Plate and Dr Oz's Liquid Dinner meal ideas are two of the key components for his May Diet, which could help you lose 10 pounds in one month.

The 80-20 Plate and Dr Oz’s Liquid Dinner meal ideas are two of the key components for his May Diet, which could help you lose 10 pounds in one month.

One audience member brought the swimsuit she wore 12 years ago on her honeymoon, before she had four children. Dr Oz told her that The May Diet could help her lose 10 pounds in one month. What do you have to do?

The 80-20 Plate is Dr Oz’s first tool. Eat 80% Low Glycemic Vegetables and 20% Protein and Fat at every meal. This will keep you full and help you to lose excess water weight. Eating a lot of carbs causes your body to store more water.


Dr Oz even said that for every pound of carbs you have in the body, you will retain four pounds of water. but the 80-20 Plate will cause your body to release excess carbs. Try scrambled eggs with vegetables, grilled chicken with peppers and broccoli, a salad with a small serving of steak, or shrimp stir fry if you are looking for meal ideas.

Dr Oz: Liquid Dinner Meal Ideas

One woman has already lost 50 pounds and hopes to achieve her goal of losing a total of 100 pounds. Dr Oz was proud of her and had a secret weapon she could use to keep going. He recommended a Liquid Dinner.

Heavier meals take a long time for the body to digest, making it more likely to stay on your waistline. However, a Liquid Dinner is easy for the body to break down quickly. That means you will wake up in the morning “primed for better weight loss.”

Dr Oz suggested making a soup, using chicken and cabbage, turkey and lentils, or a store-bought low sodium vegetable soup with shredded chicken.

Dr Oz: Swimsuit Water Recipe for Digestion

Speed up weight loss before and after every meal, Dr Oz said, by drinking Swimsuit Water as a digestive aid. Dr Oz said strawberries have fiber, and cinnamon is the secret metabolism booster.


  • 1 liter Water
  • fresh Strawberries
  • 1/2 tbsp Cinnamon
  • fresh Lime


  1. Combine the ingredients in a blender.
  2. Drink before and after your meals.

Dr Oz: High-Fiber Snacks & High-Protein Treats

Can you fit into your ideal swimsuit size? Dr Oz had another tip for helping to lose weight, but he said you have to combine the ideas to get the results you want. You are bound to get hungry, so make sure to eat plenty of high-fiber and high-protein snacks every day.

Try wrapping sliced turkey around pickle spears, eat cucumbers with hummus, or enjoy almonds stuffed inside raspberries, which Dr Oz called “nature’s peanut butter and jelly.” Also enjoy apples with peanut butter.

To get a boost in your B vitamins, take a 100% DV B Complex Vitamin Supplement every day.


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