Dr. Oz: Mary – Daughter is Binge Eating Because of Mom


Dr. Oz: Mary Is a Binge Eater

Mary has been a binge eater for more than 20 years and has been binge eating with her daughter for nearly two years. Both the mother and the daughter say the binge eating is the only time they bond.

They go to buffets together because Mary said it is hard for her to move around too much. Mary said she has no idea how much she eats in a day. Mary said she will start eating with her daughter and before she knows it they have eaten a whole bag of chips and drank an entire case of soda.


Dr Oz: Food – Best Friend & Worst Enemy

Dr. Oz talks to Mary, a mother who’s binge eating has rubbed off on her daughter.

Mary said food is her best friend, but it is also her worst enemy. Mary said she never made her daughter eat but her daughter was around when she would binge, leading her daughter to start binging as well. They both said they felt comfortable being in each others company and not telling anyone they are binge eaters. Mary’s daughter, Stephanie, even mentioned sometimes she feels like she has a dirty little secret and is embarrassed they sometimes eat enough food for an entire family.

The footage on Dr. Oz showed the mother and daughter consuming nearly an entire case of soda, six corn dogs, a large pizza, a bag of chips and numerous other foods in a single sitting. Mary has become so large, nearly 400 pounds, that her doctors do not want her to fly.


Dr. Oz: Mary Wants her Daughter to Stop Binge Eating

Mary told Dr. Oz she felt sad when she would watch her daughter eat. She never wanted her daughter to become the type of binge eater she was herself. Dr. Oz told Mary that one day Stephanie will be in the same place as Mary is. He also told Mary she had cheated Stephanie out of  a normal life.

Do you think it is entirely Mary’s fault that her daughter is binge eating? Should Stephanie take some responsibilities for her actions? Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


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