Dr Oz: Maggots, Beaver Anal Juice & Fruit Fly Eggs in Your Food


Dr Oz: Gross Food Ingredients

We’ve all heard the horror stories about what happens behind the scenes at fast food restaurants. That’s one of many reasons most of us believe it’s healthier to cook our own meals at home.

But today Dr Oz had some shocking news for the audience about what appalling ingredients could really be lurking in the foods we take for granted and use in our home cooked meals. Bruce Bradley is a food insider and he joined Doctor Oz to expose the horrifying secret ingredients that can be found in some of our favorite dishes.


Dr Oz: Gross Ingredients

If you love Hard Candy, Tomato Sauce, or canned Mushrooms, don't read this article because you'll learn the disturbing ingredients they contain.

Doctor Oz: Maggots Hidden In Canned Mushrooms

Like a lot of home chefs, audience member Sara loves to cook with canned mushrooms. She uses them in dishes like stir fry and pizza, or even as a snack, right out of the can. At least, she used to do so, until today.

Bruce burst her bubble by announcing to everyone that maggots could be canned right alongside your mushrooms. That’s because US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines allow for up to 20 maggots in a 3.5 ounce can of mushrooms before it’s considered a health hazard.


That’s nearly six maggots per ounce of mushrooms. Daytime television will certainly make you question your confidence in the FDA.

Read more about FDA Chicken Rules & Proposed Food Grades.

If you like your mushrooms with fewer (or hopefully no) maggots, Bruce suggested finding a local source for fresh, seasonal mushrooms. But as with all produce, you have to make sure you carefully wash them before cooking with them.

Dr Oz: Beaver Anal Gland Juice Hidden In Hard Candy

Have you ever wondered what makes hard candy so tasty and habit forming? You should not wonder that, and if you want to continue enjoying it, you should stop reading.

Rebecca is a school teacher, and she said she loves to use hard candy to soothe her throat, since she has to talk to classes all day. Even her young daughter enjoys eating hard candy.

Perhaps in an attempt to make children, teachers, and grandmothers everywhere cry, Bruce announced that Castoreum, or Anal Juice, from Beavers, is used as a flavor enhancer in hard candy. I’m certainly put off. Bruce’s only advice was to eat less hard candy; but what about other products such as cough drops?

Dr Oz: Fruit Fly Eggs Hidden In Tomato Sauce

Sandy does a lot of home cooking as well, and she said she uses Tomato Sauce three or four nights a week. But Bruce ruined her day too, revealing that Fruit Fly Eggs could be lurking in that can of sauce. The FDA considers these to be “allowable defects,” and the maximum allowable amount is 30 eggs per can of sauce.

It happens when Fruit Flies lay their eggs on fresh tomatoes, before they are broken down and processed into sauce. You can skip this Tomato Sauce issue by creating your own sauce from scratch at home, but if you had the time to be doing that, wouldn’t you be doing it already?

I guess we’re going to have to be OK with a few fruit fly eggs in our sauce. But after this upsetting segment, I know one thing: my hard candy days are over.


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