Dr Oz: Lupini Bean Better Than Potato Salad & Sweet Potato Ice Cream


Five Best Kitchen Secrets from the Culinary Institute Of America

To keep your home cooked meals tasting restaurant quality and healthy, Dr Oz got advice from the Culinary Institute of America. The country’s top chefs have trained here in the high tech and well maintained facility. Jennifer Stack, professor of nutrition at the Culinary Institute of America, joined Dr Oz to reveal their top five secrets in the kitchen.

Dr Oz: Start With Whole Foods & Organic Ingredients

Professor Stack said that the students start with foods that taste good and then build on the flavor. It’s key to start with a whole food or fresh ingredient, especially those in season. Celery, onions and garlic are key aromatic vegetables that improve and build on good flavors.


  1. Kathleen says

    Sweet potator ice cream. What do I do with the ricotta cheese? How much etc. its not listed in the ingredience.

    • says

      Ricotta was mentioned by Dr Oz in this segment, but not in the ingredients. My guess is that it’s a different recipe that he was talking about. But I would go by the one that Jennifer Stack gave (listed here with ingredients) because it sounds more like ice cream and was the one that Dr Oz ate on the show. Hope this helps!

    • says

      You could try fava beans or lima beans, but I’m not sure how that would affect the nutritional content. The substitutes may not have the same health benefits.

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