Dr Oz Lunch Swaps: Margherita Pizza Calories + Turkey Lettuce Wrap


Dr Oz Undercover: Hidden Lunch Mistakes Making You Fat

Dr Oz seems to have made a hobby out of going undercover, and this time he was masquerading at a popular lunch destination to see what people are really eating for lunch. Check out his swaps such as Margherita Pizza, a Turkey Lettuce Wrap, and a Chicken Rice Bowl.

Dr Oz put on a wig, a mustache, and a Cafe Duke uniform to see what people are really eating at lunchtime. Cheese was the biggest offender, with people wanting it on pizza and sandwiches, and then there was the buffet, where it’s tempting to overindulge.


Dr Oz Slice Swap: Margherita Pizza Calories

Dr Oz Lunch Swaps: Margherita Pizza Calories + Turkey Lettuce Wrap

Dr Oz ambushed women at a deli to see what they were typically ordering for lunch, and he showed them his low-calorie swaps for pizza and other favorites.

One of Dr Oz’s victims said she lives in fear that he will jump out and surprise her again. Pizza is a popular lunchtime staple, and people enjoy extra cheese and plenty of meaty toppings with their meals.

Dr Oz’s slice swap was a thin crust Margherita Pizza, which used Swiss cheese for protein and some greener ingredients to cut down on calories. His taste tester thought it would take some getting used to, but it takes the calories down from 422 to 147, and the fat down from 23 grams to 6 grams of fat.


Dr Oz: Turkey Lettuce Wrap Calories

Do you prefer sandwiches at lunchtime? How does a Honey Maple Turkey Aioli sandwich sound? Dr Oz suggested turning it inside out, with a lettuce wrap that puts the carbs on the inside.

Swap honey turkey for real roasted turkey and you will be on your way to cutting calories at the sandwich station. Take this from 684 calories to 404 and 44 grams of fat to just five grams. That means you can enjoy more of your lettuce wrap and it will be more filling.

Dr Oz: Grilled Chicken Rice Bowl Calories

If you have ever visited the hot buffet bar, you know it can be very easy to fill up your plate with a little of everything. Paying by the pound can be a good way to keep yourself honest. Instead of loading up on carbs like mashed potatoes and noodles with your chicken, Dr Oz suggested a more filling alternative.

Try a rice bowl with grilled chicken, spinach, peppers and onions. Choose your carb and load up on veggies. Dr Oz’s victim was stunned to learn that her original lunch was 1,594 calories with 54 grams of fat. But his version brought things down to 661 calories and 13 grams of fat, which is a huge savings.

“If you made that swap, you would lose 14 pounds in a year,” Dr Oz said. What lunchtime indulgence do you want to make over in your life?


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