Dr Oz: Low Fiber BRAT Foods for Upset Stomach & Kale for Allergies


Dr Oz: Best & Worst Foods To Eat When You’re Sick

What foods should you be eating when you are sick? Dr Oz shared the best choices for seasonal allergies, the BRAT Foods for your upset stomach, and how to nurse a common cold.

Jeannie took a quiz on Dr Oz’s website and she joined him on the set to talk about her children’s contagious illnesses. She can really put this knowledge to work for her family.


Dr Oz: Kale for Seasonal Allergies

Dr Oz: Low Fiber BRAT Foods for Upset Stomach & Kale for Allergies

Do you know what to eat (or give your kids) when they have a common ailment? Dr Oz shared the low fiber BRAT foods that really work for an upset stomach.

Which food should you eat for relief from Seasonal Allergies? What do you think the write answer is? In an online poll, the audience got it wrong. Kale is what you need to eat for allergies.

The sinuses are pockets behind the nose. Allergies can block the nasal passages, causing swelling and infections. To drain it, you need to reduce the swelling. Flavonoids in Kale and other leafy greens block histamines, which should help in keeping that swelling under control.


Dr Oz: Low Fiber BRAT Foods for Upset Stomach

What is the best food for an Upset Stomach? The audience did not quite know the answer. There are multiple choices here, including Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Any of these could make you feel better and soothe your stomach.

The BRAT Diet is good to give your digestive system a break, because they are low-fiber foods. Rice and toast will make your stool more firm, while bananas can replace needed potassium.

“I learned this the first day of medical school,” Dr Oz said, so I guess it is time-tested.

Dr Oz: Chicken Noodle Soup Cold Remedy

When you have a Cold, what should you eat? There may be countless home remedies, but Dr Oz confirmed that the beloved Chicken Noodle Soup is still the top choice. It works because it is anti-inflammatory and keeps you hydrated. Choose dark meat when possible, for a zinc boost to mitigate your symptoms and shorten the length of your cold.


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