Dr Oz: Low Calcium Side Effects & Non-Dairy Figs + Sesame Seeds


Dr Oz: Dairy-Free Ways To Get Your Calcium

Calcium is good for your bones, but Dr Oz said it is important for more than just that. However, people with lactose sensitivity need dairy-free alternative sources for calcium. Stock your grocery list with spinach, dried figs, sesame seeds, and sardines. Read on to learn why.

If your husband is lactose-sensitive or your child doesn’t like cheese (unbelievable, right?), you need another source. The body will take calcium from our bones if we are not getting enough, which is what makes your bones brittle and weak.


Dr Oz: Low Calcium Side Effects

Dr Oz: Low Calcium Side Effects & Non-Dairy Figs + Sesame Seeds

Low calcium is bad for your bones, heart and nerves. Dr Oz shared some dairy-free ways you can get the 1000 mg of Calcium you need every single day.

Doctor Oz said that the heart also needs calcium to get energy and squeeze the blood. If it doesn’t get what it needs, you could have skipped beats or an irregular heartbeat. Lack of calcium can also make you irritable and nervous.

Feeling edgy can be related to a lack of calcium that powers the body’s nerves. Low calcium could also be linked to depression and anxiety! The body’s muscles need calcium to contract like they are supposed to as well.


We all need about 1,000 mg of Calcium per day, but Dr Oz said to skip the supplement and spread it out in the foods you eat throughout the day.

Dr Oz: Spinach Calcium Source

One cup of spinach, in a salad or at dinnertime, will provide you with 1/3 of your recommended daily source of calcium. Dr Oz said that you can cook it and it will wilt, making it seem like a smaller amount for your kids.

Dr Oz: Dried Figs Calcium Benefits

Dried Figs are high in fiber, and Dr Oz said that just one cup gives you 1/3 of the day’s needed calcium. These will also help to keep you regular, and Dr Oz recommended eating them instead of a dessert. Or you could add it to salad or mix it in with fish.

Dr Oz: Sesame Seeds Calcium Serving

Sesame Seeds are great for cooking, and Dr Oz said that just 1/4 cup will spice up your salad, stir fry, or anything else you want to cook. It’s a simple way to get 1/3 of your calcium for the day.

Dr Oz’s Favorite Calcium Source: Sardines

Dr Oz said his ultimate favorite calcium source is Sardines. Though the scent may not be for everyone, a can of them will give you 1/3 of your day’s calcium benefits. Make sure to spread the word so your friends and family are also getting the calcium they need.


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