Dr Oz: Lactose Intolerant Without Knowing & How to Strengthen Bones


Dr Oz: People Three Times More Sensitive To Dairy Than Gluten

Could you be getting sick from too much dairy in your diet? How much diary is too much? Dr. Oz said you may be allergic or at least sensitive to dairy and not even know it. He shared the surprising fact that there are three times more people sensitive to dairy products than people sensitive to gluten. Dr. Oz said this is a really big worry for many people in America.

Dr Oz: Man Is Lactose Intolerant Without Knowing

Dr Oz: Lactose Intolerant Without Knowing & How to Strengthen Bones

Dr. Oz talked with two dairy lovers who both turned out to be lactose intolerant without knowing, and he explained ways everyone can strengthen their bones.


Dr. Oz invited a couple who are both self-proclaimed dairy lovers to talk about their mostly dairy diet and whether their diet has had an adverse effect on their health.

Both of the people admitted to having stomach problems, especially after they ate a lot of dairy. They wanted to find out if they had some kind of sensitivity. Dr. Oz revealed the results of numerous blood tests to the husband, Julio, which showed his bad cholesterol levels were high and he is pre-diabetic. The most surprising result from the tests showed Julio to be lactose intolerant, meaning his body is not able to properly digest the sugar in dairy products.

Dr Oz: Milk Shown Not To Strengthen Bones

Everyone has heard that milk is good for their bones but would you believe that consuming too much dairy could actually have the opposite effect on your bones? Dr. Oz performed an x-ray of Sara, who says she is a true milk lover. The results of the test showed her to have osteopenia, a precursor to osteoporosis.


Dr. Oz found the results of the test very troubling because Sara is only 33. He revealed a new study to Sara showing that while milk is loaded with healthy calcium, milk itself does not prevent bones from weakening or breaking. For the milk to strengthen bones, you need to have the right amount of protein and vitamin D.

Dr Oz: How To Strengthen Bones?

Dr. Oz recommends the following to strengthen your bones:

  • Weight bearing exercise three times per week
  • 10 minutes of sun exposure per day for vitamin D
  • Walk several times per week

Dr. Oz asked Sara to step into his “truth tube” and more bad news came from that. The “tube” found her BMI to be in the overweight category and very close to slipping into the obese category. She was also found be lactose intolerant like her husband as well. While she does not have to give up eating cheese completely, he did suggest she eliminate a few foods from her diet to improve her health without medication.


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