Dr Oz: Kiwi Energy Boost, Kiwi Salsa & One Minute Wake Up Exercises


Dr Oz: Kiwi Health Benefits

Dr Oz talked about finding more energy with his healthy solutions such as No-Bake Energy Bars. Next, he revealed the awesome power of the Kiwi, a little fruit that could go a long way toward keeping you invigorated. Get your Kiwi energy boost and try Dr Oz’s wake up exercises.

Dr Oz: Kiwi Energy Boost

Dr Oz: Kiwi Energy Boost, Kiwi Salsa & One Minute Wake Up Exercises

Dr Oz explained the kiwi energy boost and different ways to incorporate the super fruit into your daily diet.


Dr Oz said that the Kiwi is an overlooked fruit. It is rich in magnesium to give you more energy, as well as potassium to keep you going all day long.

Kate Geagan is a dietitian and the author of Go Green, Get Lean. She said that people do not realize how powerful the Kiwi is. Two Kiwis contain more potassium than one banana, twice as much calcium as an orange, and the fiber equivalent of a bowl of bran flakes.

I am going to have to think about switching to Kiwi for breakfast. Kate said everyone should eat two Kiwis each day. They contain just 100 calories, which means they are a great addition to any diet.


Dr Oz: Kiwi Serving Ideas

If you are not sure how to get Kiwi into your diet, Kate and Doctor Oz shared several creative ideas.

  • Kiwi Spoon – Cut a Kiwi in half and take it with you to work for a mid-morning snack or lunch side.
  • Kiwi Slices – Slice Kiwi over your bowl of cereal. They are cheaper than berries and tend to be in season during winter.
  • Kiwi Salad Topping – Add Kiwi to salad to get more Vitamin C and help the body absorb iron from greens.
  • Kiwi Salsa – Kate suggested adding Kiwi to salsa. She said you can even mix in some fresh pineapple for a great fish garnish.
  • Kiwi Puree – Blend Kiwi with a little sugar or sweetener to make a yogurt topper.

Dr Oz: Organic Kiwi?

Don’t worry about finding organic kiwi, because Dr Oz said Kiwi is on the Clean 15 produce list, produced by the Environmental Working Group, meaning they have a low amount of pesticide residue.

Dr Oz: One Minute Wake Up Exercises

Dr Oz switched gears to explain how he can help you get more energized in just one minute. Here is how to do the Dr Oz One Minute Wake Up.

Dr Oz: Lymphatic Exercise

Stand tall with fingers interlaced. Turn hands inside out and lift above the head as you inhale. Lower hands to knees and exhale. This process moves oxygen through the body to improve lymphatic function and eliminate waste.

Dr Oz: Wing Flap Exercise

Continue the one-minute wake up with the Wing Flap. Stand as a scarecrow with arms to the sides. Keeping elbows up, drop arms and flap them back and forth like a bird’s wings. This will boost blood flow, heart rate, and the lymphatic system again.

Dr Oz: Prayer Position

Finally, bring hands into a prayer position in front of the face. Hold hands in place and bring each leg up to each elbow, one at time. This helps circulation and flushes toxins from your legs.

Perform these exercises for one minute and get a daily energy boost.


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