Dr Oz: Joe Cross Lost 100 Pounds in Four Months with Juicing Cleanse


Dr Oz: Joe Cross Lost 100 Pounds On Juice Diet

Joe Cross, creator of the film Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, told Dr. Oz’s audience he was able to lose 100 pounds in five months by consuming mostly juice. After an auto-immune disorder sent his health in a downward spiral, Cross said he knew he needed to change his lifestyle by eating healthier and exercising.

Dr Oz: Joe Cross Lost 100 Pounds in Four Months with Juicing Cleanse

Dr. Oz talked with Joe Cross, a documentary filmmaker who documented his own journey of losing 100 pounds in four months on a juice diet.


After he was diagnosed with the disorder, doctors put him on steroid medications that caused him to gain weight. Around the age of 40, Cross knew he had to do something about the weight. He knew he was fat, saying any fat person knows they are fat whether they want to admit it or not. He wanted to change and he wanted to start the change as soon as possible.

Joe Cross Films Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead To Document Weight Loss

As much as Cross had been turning his back on Mother Nature in the past, he told Dr. Oz there came a point in his life he knew he needed to embrace a healthy plant-based diet. He wanted the journey to be fun though, so he decided to document his journey in an educational and entertaining way.

Consult Physician Before Making Drastic Diet Changes

Dr. Oz was curious why Cross would jump right to juicing instead of just eating more fruits and vegetables. Cross told him juicing makes it easier for him to consume large amounts of vegetables along with the rapid absorption of those vegetables into the body.


Dr. Oz cautioned everyone against taking Joe Cross’ steps to weight loss. He said any new, radical diet you want to start should be approved by your physician first. Cross knew he needed to consult a physician before he started so he turned to Dr. Joel Furhman to help him through his weight loss journey.

Dr. Furhman explained the drastic change in diet and lifestyle that Cross made was the key factor in allowing his body to heal the years of damage it had sustained from an unhealthy lifestyle.

According to Dr. Joel Fuhrman, juice cleanses are safe for most healthy people but he still suggested consulting a physician. He said most juice cleanses should last around three to five days. Any longer and a physician should be notified to monitor the changes in your body. For anyone suffering from a health condition or taking medication, see a doctor regardless of how long you will be on a juice cleanse.


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