Dr Oz: Isagenix Diet Weight Loss System Review & Facebook Diets


Dr Oz: Social Media Diets

If you’re on social media, there’s a good chance you’ve seen all kinds of diets filling your Facebook feed. Before and after photos certainly make products seem enticing. But are those diets really worth your time and money? Jenna Wolfe was sent to find out. Jenna explained that because of the rise of social media, we’re being flooded with ads on social media and not just from companies. Even your own friends are sharing ads and informations about these reportedly successful diets. It’s no wonder these diet companies are making billions.

Dr Oz: Isagenix, 21 Day Fix & It Works System

The first thing Jenna did was going on Facebook. She noticed a lot of positive feedback but hardly any actual information about what the diet consists of or how much it costs. The three companies Jenna saw the most on Facebook were Isagenix, 21 Day Fix, and the It Works system. She quickly learned that purchasing the diets were even harder than she expected. Every time she would attempt to order a diet, she would be asked to upgrade to another package or to enter information when she hardly knew what she was ordering in the first place. But after a bit of work, all three diet packages arrived.



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