Dr Oz: Irregular Bowels, Joint Pain, Skin Rash + Gluten Sensitivity


Dr Oz: Hidden Signs of a Gluten Allergy

Gluten Sensitivity is real, according to Dr Oz, even though it was dismissed for a long time by the medical community. Dr Amy Myers was on the show to help viewers understand this increasingly common condition. Here are some hidden signs to watch for, and what to do if they sound familiar.

Dr Myers of the Austin Ultra Health Clinic said that complaints and symptoms can be varied and are hard to pin down. What are the major signs you might want to watch out for?


Dr Oz: Weight Gain Gluten Sensitivity

Dr Oz: Irregular Bowels, Joint Pain, Skin Rash + Gluten Sensitivity

Dr Oz shared some common signs of Gluten Sensitivity that could be easily misdiagnosed, including a skin rash, joint pain, and irregular bowels.

Weight Gain is one of the common symptoms, but the reasoning for this warning sign goes beyond calories into hormones and inflammation, which can result in swelling. Eating Gluten can cause your immune system to attack, if you are sensitive to it.

Side effects can include fluid retention and excess fat. Even going on a diet can trip you up, because Gluten could be hiding everywhere, even in condiments like Soy Sauce.


Dr Oz: Irregular Bowels Gluten Sensitivity

Dr Myers told Dr Oz that patients can also have a confused gut, with problems like diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, or even regular bowel movements. Dr Oz said you can keep a log of what your bowel movements are like if you feel that you may have a Gluten Sensitivity. Gluten can irritate gut lining and sometimes lead to a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dr Oz: Joint Pain Gluten Sensitivity

Joint Pain, especially in the elbows, knees, or hands, can be the result of Gluten Sensitivity, according to Dr Oz’s expert. Stiffness can crop up when you least expect it, and sometimes it can even affect your muscles as well, he said. These symptoms can make it hard to perform everyday activities.

Dr Oz: Skin Rash Gluten Sensitivity

A Skin Rash is another common symptom, and according to Dr Amy Myers, Chicken Skin, also known as Keratosis Pilaris, is becoming a common rash in patients with Gluten Sensitivity, who may have trouble absorbing fatty acids and Vitamins A or D.

Dr Oz: Other Food Sensitivities

Have you noticed that you are having problems with other foods that never used to bother you? Dr Myers told Dr Oz that dairy, corn and soy can be signs of cross-reactivity to gluten. She explained that the body mistakes these other foods for Gluten in an attempt to attack to protect you.

If you already have a Gluten Sensitivity, the body can have trouble telling foods apart, and attacks them just to be on the safe side.

Dr Oz: Gluten Sensitivity Diagnosis

Discussions about Gluten Sensitivity are not always common in general medicine. If you think you are a patient with these types of symptoms, Dr Amy Myers recommended researching a functional medicine physician near you.

Functional medicine will seek the root cause of an illness, rather than attempting to target symptoms with a prescription. You could also try a two-week Gluten Elimination Diet to see whether you feel better. You can always add Gluten back into your diet after trying this test.


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