Dr Oz: Hunter / Farmer Diet Solution by Mark Liponis: Body Type Diet


Dr Oz: Hunter / Farmer Diet Solution Review

With all the diet plans on the market these days, it can start to seem like you have tried them all, and maybe none are working. There are so many gimmicks or tricks designed to work with your psychology or help you achieve your fitness goals, but don’t feel bad if you have had trouble connecting with them.

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Dr Oz: Hunter Farmer Diet Solution

There could be a scientific reason fad dieting hasn't worked for you. Learn how to discover your body type. Are you a hunter or a farmer?

Dr Mark Liponis joined Dr Oz to explain that there are reasons that these fad diets don’t take hold for a lot of people. But he claims he has found the solution in his new book, The Hunter/Farmer Diet Solution. A major key of his philosophy is that you have to start by determining your body type before choosing a diet plan.

For more than 20 years, Dr Liponis has been working with patients to research weight loss. One of his discoveries is that since we carry weight in different parts of the body, the ways we get in shape and lose the weight are going to vary as well.


Doctor Oz: Apple Vs Pear Body Shape

The two most common body types, according to Dr Liponis, are Apple Shape and Pear Shape. An Apple Shape will carry more stomach weight, while Pear Shape bodies tend to have more junk in the trunk.

Dr Oz invited a busload of women from both body types to the studio so they can benefit from Dr Liponis’s knowledge.

Dr Oz: How To Find Your Body Type

There are two easy tests you can do to learn your body type. The first goes by your birth weight, which tends to accurately predict where you’ll carry weight as an adult. Babies 7 pounds and under are more prone to belly fat, while babies 8 pounds and over will likely deal with butt fat.

The second test is something you can do in the pool or bathtub. When you’re in the water, what parts of your body float? Since fat floats, you can use this to figure out your body type. If your stomach rises first, you have more belly fat. But if your legs are floating first, that means butt fat is your biggest issue.

Dr Oz: Body Type Diet

What’s the difference? How does it affect your health if you have one body type or the other? Dr Oz and Dr Liponis explored the differences between the two. They explained that the stress hormone Cortisol is what causes people to put on belly fat. This type of fat pushes on other tissues and systems around it, such as the aorta.

Butt fat is typically wrapped around the thighs, and is more concentrated in the body, whereas belly fat is more spread out. Butt fat can also encroach on the nearby reproductive organs, leading to associated health problems.

Since these types of fat must be approached differently, the doctors offered two distinct approaches depending on your body type and needs.

Dr Oz: Belly Melting Meal Plan – The Hunter

Shantel was one of the women struggling with belly fat in the audience. Dr Liponis told her she needs a high protein diet to really tackle her fat stores. He suggested thinking and eating like a hunter.

Generally speaking, belly fat body types are hungry less often and have a better metabolism to work with. Fueling that metabolism with high protein can really get you on the path to fat burning success.

Try eating something lean like Chicken Meatloaf or a Turkey Burger with a side of mashed cauliflower.

Dr Liponois: Skip Breakfast, Eat Ice Cream

Dr Oz was surprised that Dr Liponis told the Hunters they could skip breakfast. Dr Liponis said you shouldn’t eat if you aren’t hungry. Instead, listen to your appetite, and you’ll be able to avoid excess calories.

Another shocking facet of the Hunter’s diet is that you can enjoy ice cream for dessert, because it boosts your body’s Serotonin levels. Ice cream is full of fat and protein, and lower in sugar than sorbet.

Hunter Diet: Pomegranate Juice for Belly Fat

If you have a large stomach you’re trying to shrink, think about Pomegranate Juice. It’s low in sugar, but high in antioxidants, which can help fight inflammation, which is common among people with this body type.

Dr Oz: Butt Melting Meal Plan – The Farmer

For the other body type, Dr Liponis said you need to structure your diet around carbohydrates. The Farmer body type, with butt fat, is sensitive to insulin and more hungry throughout the day. Protein won’t satisfy this body type, but carbs will. Choose healthy carbs such as grains and vegetables.

This is the body type that should be going for more and smaller meals throughout the day. Dr Liponis even recommends snacking. The goal is to fuel the appetite, even if that means breakfast pancakes, pizza at lunch, and pasta for dinner.

Farmer Diet: Butt Blasting Drink

Skip the dairy and swap in soy when it comes to milk. It’s got the carbs and protein you need, without the fat. Plus, it can help reduce your breast cancer risk.

Also, if you’re searching for a late night snack, choose peanut butter on a whole grain bread, which can help stabilize the blood sugar overnight.

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